It's complicated

Some sisters are hurtful and some are just plain evil but how far would Kelsey really go to hurt her sister?


1. Chapter one

Chapter One- Revealed (dedicated to alltimenutella)



"hey Kels, did you enjoy last night?" I had just walked into my girlfriends house because I had just been to get changed out my sweaty clothes, wink wink!

"yeah me and ash went to see 'give it a year'. It was like the funniest film ever!"

"WHAT!!! You were with me yesterday!"

Ok what the actual crap.


"oh shit! LILY GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!!!" just then a girl similar to Kelsey ran downstairs. They had the same black hair but only Kelsey's was straightened and not lily's. They were practically identical. Shit.


Then she spoke. "oh.. hey Phil. Enjoy last night?" she said it with a wink. I was so confused right now. "wait how do you know about last night?" what the heck?!

"I was there with you, why don't you remember? Anyway Kels what did you want?"


"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BOYFRIEND!!" oh crap oh holy mother of crap. Hah mother of crap, not the time to joke phil.

I decided to speak up. "Urrm I kind of slept with her." Ok just great Phil, just great!


"THAT'S IT WE'RE OVER!! I c-can't believe this. With my own sister!" her shouts getting fainter by the second as she ran.


"great going Phil you could of just said watching a movie."

"wait you just slept with me! How did I not know you were her sister!" "relax Phil she'll hook up with some other guy tomorrow." Ok so that hurt. Wait I recognise Lily.


"something wrong Philip?" Wait no this cant be, she was the same person. She was the one who came up to me and talked to me first and said her name was Kelsey.


"did your sister make you talk to me for like a month pretending to be her?"

"yeah she did... so she could get you.. she always does that stuff to me."

She suddenly started crying I knew I liked this girl. Yes I just did break up with her sister, but she was the girl I first met; she made me smile she made me happy and then when her sister took over I felt less connected to her. Obviously I thought lily was Kels but I thought they were the same person. But now I know their not I can clearly see the differences.

I walked over to her and rubbed circles into her back. I felt like this was all my fault.


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