Wishing For Death

May is 15 year girl. She's 5'2 & 113 pounds. She cuts her self. No one knows. No one. Only herself. She lives in Canada so its not out of the ordinary to be wearing long sleeves all the time. What will happen when she goes into her Freshman year?


1. New year, New me

Beep, beep beep beep.

I rolled over in my bed to turn off my alarm clock, being somewhat excited to be going back to school. I grabbed my Iphone, towel, and speakers and headed toward the bathroom. I opened the door to walk down the hall when my mom was standing right there. 

"May! Are you excited?" She said.

"Uhh, yeah mom.. can i er shower now? I only have 45 minutes to get ready." I turned and walked away from her. I slammed the door to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. "Thank god" i thought to myself. I never really liked talking to my mom, i was always afraid of being yelled at or criticized. I slowly undressed, turned on Pierce The Veil and hopped into the shower. 


After getting out of the shower i slowly began to get ready, starting to dread going back to school. Having to cover up my whole body. I straighted my hair, put on some eyeliner and eyeshadow. I always put my clothes on last because i read online that getting ready naked could help boost self confidence, which, i needed. very much. Having it be the first day of freshman year, i wanted to look a little nicer than normal. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, a white crew neck and a long sleeve flannel. I wore my red vans which kinda matched my flannel. After eating breakfast and brushing my teeth, i grabbed my bag and got ready fro my first day of Freshman year, yay.



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