Wishing For Death

May is 15 year girl. She's 5'2 & 113 pounds. She cuts her self. No one knows. No one. Only herself. She lives in Canada so its not out of the ordinary to be wearing long sleeves all the time. What will happen when she goes into her Freshman year?


4. Home alone

I  walked up to my room, sat on my bed and blasted music. I had totally forgot about Brandon, and i didn't really feel bothered by it, i was too busy having fun with my music. I ended up passing out for about an hour or so, I grabbed my phone and checked it. Nothing. I kind of expected it, im not really the popular girl. I decided it was about time to text Brandon finally, it was around dinner so who knows if he'd even reply fast. 

"Hey, its May" i quickly sent, no emotion, i just had to send him the one text letting him know its my number.

"Hey! whats up? :)" I instantly got back, kind of shocked that a guy texts fast. We continued to text for about a half an hour until he said "Hey, can i come over? i know its quick but im really bored and you seem fun...PLEASEEE :D" 

I walked downstairs to ask my mom if Brandon could come over. 

"Mom!" I screamed at the top of my lungs just joking around. I couldnt find her anywhere so i went down to check into the basement, Still not there. Instantly panicking, i called her.

"Yes honey?" She said very calmly. 

"Where are you! You know i don't like being home alone!" I kinda yelled a bit. 

"I asked you if i could stay over at Josh's(Her boyfriend) for the next 2 nights, you said you were okay with it" She had an attitude as she said it. 

Not wanting to tell her i wasn't listening, i just simply said "Oh yeah, have fun. See you in two days" 

"Bye, love you" She said right before i hung up. I decided i could let Brandon come over, hell, he could even stay if he really wanted my mom wouldn't be here. I actually wanted him here, well not him, but at least id have someone with me so i wouldn't be alone. 

"Yeah, come over, wanna stay over?" I really wanted someone with me. Alone isnt my thing.

"YES! ILL BE RIGHT OVER" Damn, he seems excited. I looked into the mirror and looked like complete shit. I walked up stairs and cleaned myself up a bit. I sat back downstairs waiting for Brandon. I made sure i was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. No one can know. No one. 


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