Wishing For Death

May is 15 year girl. She's 5'2 & 113 pounds. She cuts her self. No one knows. No one. Only herself. She lives in Canada so its not out of the ordinary to be wearing long sleeves all the time. What will happen when she goes into her Freshman year?


2. First Day

"May Alexandra?"  

"Here.." I quietly said not really wanting to be noticed. I was in Miss Anderson's  science class for first period. I didn't really know anyone in there, I used to be friends with Abigail. She changed and turned into a bitchy prep. 

"Okay, we're gonna have assigned seats, they are your seats fro the whole school year. I don't want to hear absolutely any complaints, you're in a class for 45 minutes. Just put up with it" Miss Anderson said too the whole class. I never heard anything good about her, she was put in jail for a while whenever she got into a cat fight with some chick at the mall. 

"bitch, holy shit"   

i mumbled under my breathe, no one heard. Thank god. The desks were double tables. Two per table. Having my last name starting with an "A" I got put in the front of the room. Some kid named Brandon got the seat next to me, I'll admit, he was kinda cute, but he seemed like he was a little swag prep or something. He had gauges though, which was kinda cool.  Abigail sat behind me, I could tell she was laughing about me. She always does. 

"Isn't Abigail a bitch" I turned and whispered to Brandon. 

"I mean, i know absolutely no one here. Its my first year" I got all embarrassed, Brandon could tell.

"Hey now, don't be embarrassed, you didn't know haha"  I covered my face and laughed a bit, he shook his head and laughed. "Hey, its May right?" "Yeah, and yours is Brandon correct?" 

"Yeah, what class do you have next?" I grabbed my schedule to look but Brandon just stanched it out of my hand and looked at it. "Hey! thats mine!" I yelled at him reaching over the table trying to grab it back. "We have first, third, fouth, and ninth period together" I finally grabbed my schedule back. "You took creative writing?" Having a shocked look on my face. "Yeah, i like writing." 

"This brandon dude seems pretty awesome, we have ninth period together and thats the last period of the day. maybe i'll ask for his number"  

The bell finally rang and we both left for second period.

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