Wishing For Death

May is 15 year girl. She's 5'2 & 113 pounds. She cuts her self. No one knows. No one. Only herself. She lives in Canada so its not out of the ordinary to be wearing long sleeves all the time. What will happen when she goes into her Freshman year?


3. End of the day

The bell for ninth period rang and everyone took a random seat, Brandon sat by me. 

"Hey May?" 

"What." I said kind of snooty because Abigail was in my eighth period class and was annoying me, therefore i was ticked entering ninth period. 

"Woah, chill out there May" He laughed and gave me a piece of paper "Its my number, call me after school and we could hangout sometime?" 

"um yeah sure i guess, but i don't want to hangout yet.." I kinda turned my head while saying it, i'm afraid to hangout with anyone yet. What if someone were to find out and end up spilling it. It cant happen, It wont happen. 

"That's okay i guess, i just thought you were really cool" Brandon started to blush up a little bit. "..and pretty.." Could this be? Someone likes me? Someone thinks i'm cool? Hell, he even said i'm pretty.


After class i walked to my bus, i never really liked the bus and being the freshman i  have to ride with seniors. I walked onto the bus and took a seat in the middle, i sat alone which i would probably keep that seat the whole year and continue to sit alone. 


"Mom!" I yelled as i walked into the house, I've yelled for her right when i got home since forever. I'm afraid of being home alone, I'm terrified of what could happen and no one there to protect me. 

My mom walked down the steps and started talking, i wasn't paying attention, i was too busy putting Brandon's number into my phone. 

"Is that okay?" She stopped talking

"Um, yeah sure" I had no clue to what she said, and I didn't really care anyway.

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