The Diary Of A "Normal" Teenager

Hi, my name is Nicole, this is my diary, my life. I guess you could say I'm pretty normal, I have friends, a boyfriend, and parents to watch my every move. Read my Diary to find out more about me, you might actually be interested.


1. Day 1

Dear Diary, 

   So today has been boring I woke up at 1 pm. and did exactly nothing. Not as fun as yesterday when I went to the mall with my friends Ethan and Kaityln. My mom wasn't home when I woke up so I laid down on the couch and watched t.v. When my mom got home her and my brother had a hay day watching  t.v. in my room. I got bored with what I was watching so i went into my room and kicked them out. 

   I was sitting there listening to music when my phone rang, it was Payton, the best boyfriend ever, I picked it up and we had a long conversation about practically nothing (as always) but he always made me laugh. 

   I spent the day talking to Payton and listening to music, I didn't get dressed because there was no reason to. I took a shower and then I wanted to paint my nails so I started looking for something cool to do, while i was looking Payton Tangoed me (video chat) I answered and we talked. It hung up at 10 because of the restrictions on his phone (ugh). A few minutes later my dad called me and asked if I wanted to come and spend the night, then wake up at 5 am. and ride for 5 hours in a semi. I said sure and he came and got me. 

   We were in his snooty girlfriends car, she was driving. I hate her so much! She is so girly and she gets mad at my dad when he hangs out with me instead of her, she is jealous of me, because my dad spends more time with me. Anyways I got in the car and my dad handed me a bag of green beans, as random as it was I ate some and they were delicious. I walked into my dads house and there was a new chair that his girlfriend bought, it was hideous. 

   Now I'm sitting on my bed at my dad's house waiting for midnight so I can text Payton again. its 11:30 now, so I have half an hour. 

   I can't think of anything els to write so I'll stop here and find some music to put on my Ipod. 

-Love Nicole 

About me: I have Black hair

History: My parents are divorced 

Listening to/watching: Downfall Of Us All- A Day To Remember

Mood: Bored

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