I have a bad boy just admit it ..

Kennedy carter is a good student at Lexinton high school until she meets a guy named harry styles .Harry becomes friends with 5 other guys Kennedy don't really now the other 5 guys just sometimes sees them in the hall . Kennedy has 3 classes with harry they exchanged numbers they got to now each other but does harry tell Kennedy everything or is he lying about his past ? does Kennedy get a crush on harry or...? read to find out c:


1. Who's that ?

Hey Brittany who's that . Uhm I don't know but his good looking huh? .  Yeah ha I would  say . I think his a new student I mean its only been like 3 weeks since we been here right.   whoa his all alone . Uhm wanna go say Hi to him ? . No thanks im good here . Oh look Niall is walking up to him look like his not lonely anymore . Who's Niall ?. His in one of my classes . Oh duh I knew that . Yeah kennedy im sure you did . ouch why did you do that ?!? kennedy answer me oh my god kennedy. Harry is coming up to us .


Erhm  uh do one of you girls now were  Mr.henderson's class  is ? Oh  I Now I have that class . Oh you mind taking me there since its my frist day here sorry . No problem so you new here huh ? yeah its because I Got expelled from my other school . Oh well heres our class by the way what's your name? if you dont mind telling me . Hahah no its Harry .Harry styles . Nice to meet you Harry . So whats you're name ? . Oh my name is Kennedy Carter . Nice to now you Kennedy well of to class right bye. uhm harry were in the same class . oh uhm after you . 


Kennedy!!! . Oh brittany hi . why did you leave me alone . oh because i took harry to our class . oh so you guys have a thing now?. uhm i just met him no i dont even now him that well .oh hey want a ride home ? . yeah sure . okay hey look its harry coming up to us again . oh geez . erhm kennedy right.? . yeah ha . erhm can you give me your number ? . yeah sure . okay thank you ill text you later okay bye i need to go . okay bye harry . oh shit kennedy he got the digits . shut up brittany he maybe just wants help with our homework . yeah i now what you mean kennedy are'nt you a dirty girl . shut up just take me home . hey gimme it . give you what ? . Harry's phone number . why ? . So I can have it duh                                                why eles would I want   it ? oh I don't now ? 


*phone* Harry . Hello ? . Hi is this Kennedy? .Yeah and this is harry hello harry. Hi erhm did you give my number to a girl named brittany? shit . uhm excuse me ? . oh sorry harry uhm i dint give it anyone its because brittany see she is my best friend so I  think she graved my phone and graved your phone number  I hope you don't mind . oh no babe its okay just asking because . uhm harry did you just call me babe ? . uhm yeah too soon? . uhm no I mean yeah but no I mean I dont care it just came out of nowere . oh okay then well nite Kennedy . nite Harry . 



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