Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


7. Yelling

(Kellie's POV)

They were still yelling. I have no clue who these people are and I don't want to get in the middle of any of that.






Dad - "Niall calm Kylee and yourself down god damn."












Niall - "She took three million dollars out of my bank account."









"What the hell?"








Kylee - "What the fuck do you want ugly ass?"








Dad - "That's it we are leaving."








Dad grabbed my arm and I grabbed Joey and we ran out of the house. Dad pointed to a couple coming up to us.







Dad - "Hi Louis and Eleanor."








Eleanor - "Hi Harry."







Louis - "Hi Harry, how are you?"








Dad - "I'm doing quite well. And yourself?"







Louis - "I'm doing just fine."






"Hello, I'm Kellie."






Eleanor - "Hello Kellie I'm Eleanor and this is Brandon."







"Hi Brandon."





Brandon - "Hello Kellie."







Dad - "I wouldn't go in there if I were you."








Louis - "Why?"








Dad - "Kylee took three million dollars from Niall and they are yelling at each other."








 Eleanor - Is Kelsiee here?"













"She got killed. Steve killed her the other night."









 Louis - "Steve."









Eleanor - "Kellie would you like to go shopping with me? My best friend Dani's birthday is in June and I want to get her something special."








"Can Joey come?"






Eleanor - "If his father says her can."






Joey - "I'm allowed."





Eleanor - "Okay."




Eleanor walked over to where Louis and dad were and whispered something to my dad he smiled. What is happening now? Louis walked into Joey's house. Dad grabbed Eleanor and kissed her. What the hell? Eleanor and Louis are together right? My dad is single and Eleanor is married to Louis right?

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