Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


1. School

(Kellie's POV)










Ugh I hate Monday's they suck. I hate school and life. I'm the loner at school and I have no friends and my mom won't tell me who my dad is and I'm mad at her but I love her too much to be mad at her and she is the only one that really cares about me right now. I get up and walk over to my closet I look to see if I have anything good to wear. I pick out my white shirt with my red jeans and my Tom's







. I walked down stairs and my mom was on the phone with somebody.








Mom - "Kellie would love to meet you see you in a couple weeks."









  "Mom who was that and why are we going to meet them."











Mom -  "Kellie don't worry about it and just go to school and finish out the rest of the year and in the summer I will tell you".










"Mom summer isn't for another month."







I didn't get a response but who cares it probably just a therapist I will have to go to everyday. I walked out of my house and started to head for school. I hate going to school I skip sometimes because I don't want to be bullied by the worst drama queen at school. Her name is Millie and she rules the whole school I hate her guts. I can't wait to graduate this year. I'm 18 and I don't even know my father and I really want to but nope. I get to school and I seen the cutest kid in school his name is Joey. Well I walked to period one and it was health. My health teacher Mrs. Kurd told everybody to stand at the front of the class and she was telling us our health partners for the Parents and kid project. She said "Kellie S. and Joey D. you are partners. I heard everybody say "Joey got partnered with the ugliest person in school". I had tears in my eyes and Joey came over to me and patted my back.






Joey -  "Don't listen to them you're beautiful."








 "Thanks Joey."








We sat down and began picking out baby names. He chose Kory for a boy and Josie for a girl. I liked the names and Mrs. Kurd said that we had boys as babies.  Joey and I's baby is called Kory.







 "Joey if you don't want to take care of the baby I can because you are probably busy."









 Joey -  "Kellie I'm not busy at all and I'm the parent too so I will take care of it too."










I nodded and smiled.







Mrs. Kurd -  "I will be watching around the school to see if everybody is taking turns with their project."







I raised my hand.







"What if we have different classes with our partner?"









Mrs. Kurd -  "You guys will have every class with your partner even though you may not take the same classes, if the guy has gym then go to gym with him and watch but if that baby starts crying the guy has to quit whatever he is doing and help the lady with the baby."









 Joey - "I have gym next will you be okay to take care of Kory." I nodded.







The bell rang and we left for the gymnasium.








Joey stopped walking and said "Kellie since we are going this project will you go out with me?"









"Yes Joey I will."








He smiled and we both walked in the gymnasium and I sat on the bleachers and Joey went to the locker room to get changed. Kory isn't crying or anything yet which is a good thing. I can't believe I'm going out with Joey. I like him a lot and I hope this will last. I looked over at Joey and he was smiling at me.

(Joey's POV)

I really like Kellie and everybody makes fun of her because she doesn't know her father. My father has been on tour for a couple of months and I'm used to it. I want to be with Kellie for a long time I hope people will understand everybody doesn't have a mum or dad. Some people don't even have at least one parent. So what I'm the popular one at school and Kellie isn't I can date whoever I want to and nobody is going to stop me. When my mum and I go to the school events she always looks at Kellie and says 'why aren't you dating her she is beautiful'. I always say 'I wish I was'. I wish we did this project sooner because it's almost summer and that means I'm going on tour with my dad. I wish I could see him everyday but I can't. He's touring in America right now and I can't video chat him because of the time zone. Kellie goes by Kellie S because she doesn't like her last name and she won't tell anybody what it is. Kellie and I only have health together and now that we have this baby project we can have all classes together. We are playing dodge ball in physical education. I told the guys not to hit Kory and Kellie and they agreed not to. Kory is a great baby he hasn't cried or whined and I'm kind of glad he hasn't. When we finished dodge ball I went in the locker room and took a shower and walked out and I walked to Kory and Kellie. Next we have drama. Kellie really likes to act so I'm letting her go to one of her classes. I'm not a jock like everybody think I am. I really don't like Millie and she tries to fancy me but it's really gross. If you're sitting down and she is right next to you then she will grab your package and stare at you but I hate that.









 "Kellie go to drama class I can take care of Kory."







She smiled and said "Thanks Joey".










I hugged her and she said "Joey I want you to know my last name since we are together now."









 "I know what your last name could be in a couple of years."









Kellie -  "My mum told me my last name is Styles."









 "Kellie Styles or it could be Kellie Devine."










 Kellie - "I would love that."







  "Just wait a couple of years with me and it will be."








She smiled and gave me a hug and we went to drama class. Kory has been a good baby.  The play that they are doing this year is Annie. I love Annie. Mrs. Chute is holding auditions today and I guess Kellie is auditioning today.







Mrs. Chute - "All girls that are going to audition for Annie head on stage now."










Kellie walked on stage and smiled at me and I waved to her and she waved back.







Mrs. Chute - "Kellie S. please stand center stage."







Kellie walked to the center of the stage and Mrs. Chute told her to begin and Kory started to cry and so did Kellie.

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