Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


3. Morning

(Kellie's POV)

When I woke up Joey had his arms wrapped around me. I poked his cheek and told him to wake up because we have school. He woke up and grabbed Kory and kissed his cheek.








 "Aww Joey that's too cute and smiled."










 Joey -  "Kellie I love Kory and I wish he was real."











"Me too Joey now get up and get ready for stupid school."












He groaned. "Do I have to."









  "Joey yes you have to because we have to get graded on this baby project."








 Joey - "The baby has a name you know."









 "Sorry I mean we have to get graded on Kory."








He got up and walked over to me and kissed me.






Joey - "Don't do it again."







"What are you talking about?"





He grabbed my arm.







Joey - "This I don't want you to do this again."









I looked at him.








"How did you find out about this?"






Joey - "It was hot last night so I decided to take your shirt off and I seen the scars."









I started to cry and he held me close to him.







Joey -  "Please don't do it again."









  "I don't know Joey."









 Joey - "Can you at least try for me?"










 "I can try Joey but I don't know."









 "Thank you babe."










I smiled and got out my clothes for school. My mom knocked on my door.









 "Mom come in it's unlocked."











Mom -  "Your school just called somebody hit an electrical pole and now your school doesn't have power."









I looked at Joey.







"Do you want to hangout today?"










 Joey - "Of course I do."











Mom - "Kellie I want you guys to come down stairs I need to tell you something."











 "Mom just let us get ready and we will be down there."











She nodded and left my room.











 "Joey what do you think she wants to tell us."













Joey - "It's probably just nothing."









 "I hope so."










 Joey - "Don't worry about that babe lets get dressed and go downstairs."









I nodded and went to get my clothes from my closet. I'm wearing my super women shirt with black booty shorts with my blonde hair in a bun. Joey is wearing a blue shirt with cargo shorts. We walked downstairs hand in hand.







 Mom - "I'm in the kitchen guys."








 We walked to the kitchen and we sat at the table.









"Kellie, your father is coming in one week I need you guys to stay here while I get everything washed and get everything ready."









Joey - "Mrs. P. can we talk alone for a second?"

(Joey's POV)

"Mrs. P. I know who her fathers are because my dad is Josh Devine."












 Mrs. P - "Please don't tell Kellie I've been keeping this a secret from here and I'm finally telling her and I'm scared she wont like them."










"Who wouldn't like Harry and Liam?"










 Mrs. P - "I'm actually married to Liam and divorced Harry?"










  "When did you and Harry date?"













 Mrs. P - "I have no clue actually when we dated he was on a break from work and so was I so we met up and we dated then married then I became pregnant and I cheated on him with Liam and now I'm with Liam."











  "Well aren't you lucky to date and marry 2/6 of One Direction."










 Mrs. P - "And have two babies with them."










  "Darcy and Kellie are really special to you aren't they?"







Mrs. P - "Yes I miss Darcy but Kellie doesn't know I was pregnant."










  "How did you keep that from her."









 Mrs. P - "Easy sent her away to America for 9 months to her aunts and she came back after I had the baby."





 "Where is Darcy now?"











Mrs. P - "Paul has her now."








  "Well we should go talk to Kellie about the plan."







Mrs. P - "Thanks for going out with her she really needs that."









"That's no problem."










We walked back to the kitchen and Kellie was shaking.











 "Kellie are you okay?"









 . "Joey I'm scared he wont like me."









  "Kellie he will like you I promise."









She grabbed Kory and held him tightly. She is really nervous about meeting him. I would too but my dad comes home a couple times a year.









Kellie - "I'm going to listen to music."








 "What are you going to listen to?"










 Kellie - "Some girl called Taylor Swift."









  "Oh okay have fun I'm going to get more clothes from my house and Kellie do you want to meet my twin sister Josie?"








Kellie - "I would love that."









Great she is listening to her step mom now. I hope she doesn't look her up because she is married to Harry Styles which I would like to remind you is her dad. I drove to my house and Josie was standing in the window of our room. I walked in my house and my dad was in the kitchen. I ran to him.








"Dad I really missed you."







Dad - "Joey I missed you a lot."








"Dad my girlfriend's dad is Harry Styles and step dad is Liam Payne."









 Dad - "You're dating Kellie?"










 "Yes and her mom wants Kellie to meet Liam and Harry."










 Dad - "That's where they are going next week?"







 "Kelsiee said that I could keep Kellie occupied this week so she doesn't get nervous."








 Dad - "I'm coming over next week because I haven't see her since her and Liam got married."








  "Okay I love you dad I have to get clothes for the week."









Dad - "Okay I love you too Joey."









I ran to mine and Josie's room to get clothes.










Josie - "Joey please let me come with you, I haven't been outside for awhile?"









  "Start packing your clothes because I'm leaving for a week so you have to come with me."







She nodded and started to pack. I waited until she was done before I went downstairs . We gave our mum and dad a hug before we left.









  "Josie you are going to love Kellie."









 Josie - "If you love her then I definitely know that I will too."








  "I love you twin."









Josie - "I love you too twin."










  We call each other twin because we are twins and we like calling each other that. We arrived to Kellie's and I walked in and Kellie ran to me and kissed my cheek. She hugged Josie.










Kellie - "Hello Josie I'm Kellie."








Josie - "Hi Kellie it's nice to meet you."










Kellie nodded.









Kellie - "Well you can stay in the guest bedroom."










Kellie and Josie went upstairs.






(Josie's POV)

I walked upstairs to the guest bedroom.








"Kellie you are beautiful."







Kellie - "Thanks Josie."










 "You're Welcome."








Kellie - "Here is where you are staying."








 She pointed to the room.







"Thanks Kellie."








Kellie - "You're Welcome Josie."







 I walked in the room and put my clothes away and stared at the room. Kellie went downstairs. I'm famous and I'm scared to walk outside wow I'm stupid nobody has ever met me before they only met Joey, mum, and dad. I wish dad wasn't on tour all the time because I miss him too much and he only pays attention to Joey and I'm kind of sick of it. We are twins we should be treated the same but when you are home schooled nobody really pays attention to you anymore. Mum doesn't really talk to me anymore. Joey is always at a friend's house. Dad is always on tour. We have a dog called Moss. She's really old now. I'm dating Zayn Malik's kid James. We hangout every weekend. I love Perrie and Zayn they are really nice to me. Perrie is still on tour right now but she comes home in a couple of days. James and I talk all the time which is great. Niall's daughter is dating Louis' son. I try to be nice to Niall's daughter Kylee but she is mean. I don't know how  Brandon puts up with her half the time. Darcy is just a little baby and she is very adorable. I hate Taylor  though. She isn't very nice to us. Kylee and Brandon have been dating for about a year now. Only if they got a divorce I would hangout with Harry but nope not going to happen because of his bitch of a wife. Well we are going to take a nap before we have to clean the house.

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