Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


4. Killer

(Joey's POV)

Kellie and I just woke up. I went downstairs and Kelsiee was sitting at the kitchen table looking into space.







"Hello are you okay?"






 Kelsiee - "Joey, Harry and Liam can't make it next week."





  "Why not?"






 Kelsiee - "They have a lot of interviews."






 "What are you going to do about telling Kellie?"







 Kelsiee - "I'm not telling her neither are you we have to keep this a secret until they call me back and tell us when they can make it."








  "I don't know because it's hard keeping secrets from Kellie because she has that puppy dog face she uses on me and then she bugs the hell out of you."






Kelsiee - "Joey watch your language!"







 "Sorry it slipped."







 Kelsiee - "Promise me that you wont tell her because this is huge and I don't want her to flip out on us."






 "I promise I won't tell her anything."






 Kelsiee - "Thank you Joey I knew I could count on you."






  "Why would you?"





Kelsiee - "You act kind of like your dad."







  "Oh I forgot you know my dad."





Kelsiee - "Yes but he was always mean to me because I kept stealing one of his drumsticks and hitting him with it."






 "Well aren't you a nice lady?"







She laughed.




Kelsiee - "I am aren't I?"






I seen somebody in the window and they had a knife.






"Erm there is somebody that has a knife in the window."






She turned around.





Kelsiee - "Joey go get Kellie and Josie and meet me in the basement hurry."







I ran upstairs and grabbed Josie and put her on my back and ran to Kellie's room and picked her up and ran downstairs. I ran to the basement stairs and  I seen that the window was broke and I heard a yell from the basement. I turned on the light and Kelsiee was on the floor bleeding and the guy that killed her looked at me then looked away







Steve - "What the hell do you guys want she's an ex-girlfriend of mine and she dumped me for that bitch?"







I whispered to Kellie "Call the police."








She ran back upstairs.






"Harry and Liam aren't bitches you are a bitch you just killed my girlfriend's mum and now you want to call her ex-husband a bitch."






I heard the police upstairs.







 Kellie - "He's down there sheriff."






The sheriff came downstairs.






Sheriff - "Put your hand up where I can see them!"






He put the handcuffs on him and mirandized him.






Sheriff - "You folks have a better night."










They took Kelsiee out on a stretcher and told Kellie that they can schedule a funeral for her.






Kellie - "Okay that would be better than me doing it myself."






I grabbed Kellie and held her close and she started crying.





"Babe it's going to be alright I'm not going to leave you". Kellie - "Joey I want to know my dad now."






 "Kellie you have to wait until next week."







 Kellie - "Joey I'm not comfortable here can we stay at your house for tonight?"






 "Sure let me pack your stuff."






I went upstairs to pack her stuff. I grabbed underwear, three shirts, three shorts, two pairs of sweat pants, and a couple pairs of socks. I grabbed her converses, and flip flops and went downstairs.







 Kellie - "Thank you Joey did you get my make-up?"






 "Ewe Kellie you don't need any of that."






 Kellie - "Alright lets get out of here, oh wait I need to grab my phone and charger."






 Josie and I walked out the door and went to my car. Seconds later Kellie came out and she got in the car. Kellie fell asleep on the way there. Josie carried her stuff into the house and I carried Kellie to my room.






Josie - "Joey she is beautiful."





 "I know she is."







I lied her down on my bed and kissed her cheek.






"I love you Kellie."





I laid in bed with her holding her tightly.

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