Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


6. I Have to What ?

(Kellie's POV)


 I can't belive I have two dads. I miss my mom badly. Steve is a bitch and deserves to die. I don't get why he killed her. She obviosly didn't like him because she dated my dad and Liam. I guess my dad has a Wife? Her name is Taylor Swift, I listen to her music. She's actually good at singing though.





Dad - "Kellie you are dropping out of school and coming on tour with us."








Step Dad Liam - "You're going to drop out of school and going on tour with us."







Dad - "Becuase we said so."





"You come in my life and ruin it wow thanks guys."





A lady just came in the room and made her way over to me.






Lady - "Watch your damn mouth bitch."





"You're not my mother."




Lady - "Bitch please I'm better than that, I'm your step mother."





Dad - "Taylor I want us to get a divorce. We aren't working out and you aren't going to speak to my daughter like that."





Taylor - "I want Ryan."





Liam - "He's not even Harry's kid, he's mine so he comes back with me."



"Who is Ryan?"



Dad - "He's your baby brother."




"I have a baby brother?"





Step dad Liam - "Yeah."





Dad - "Why aren't you in school?"




"Powers out."




Josh - "Oh yeah I forgot."




Taylor - "I signed your papers Mr. Styles."



"Bye bye."



Dad - "We have to get you out of school so we can know each other more."




"Okay dad."




Joey and his mum walked in.





"Hi Joey."




Joey - "Hey Kellie."



"Kory hasn't cried yet."




Joey - "He hasn't?"




"He been a good baby."




Dad - "Baby?"





"We have this project we have to do for school but I guess not anymore because I'm going to drop out of school."




Joey - "Am I going to drop out too?"




Josh - "Yeah you are son."




Some big puff old dude walked in with a baby.



Dad - "That's your baby brother Kellie."




"He's so cute."



Step Dad Liam - He gets it from me."





This guy walked in with his daughter and they were screaming at each other.

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