Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


5. Erm It's Me



Kellie's POV)


I woke up and I heard people talking. I heard a lot of voices more than The Devine family. I sat up and I seen that Joey was gone. I walked downstairs and Mr. Devine was there.








  "Mr. Devine where is Joey".








Josh - "Please call me Josh, Joey is with his mum at the grocery store picking up stuff."








  "Oh okay."








 Josh - "I'm sorry to hear about your mum I didn't know he would come back to kill her."







  "Who is he anyway."







Josh - "He's a lad named Steve."








 "Oh how do you know him?"










Josh - "Well I used to know your mum a long time ago."









 "Oh well that's cool."








He nodded. Some guys came in from the lounge room.








Josh - "Oh Kellie meet Harry and Liam."









 "Hello, I'm Kellie."








Harry - "Kellie, it's me your father."







I started crying and hugged him.






Liam - "Kellie, I'm your step father."










I hugged him too.







"Well erm this is weird."





They laughed.








Liam - "Well where is Kelsiee?"








Josh - "Harry, Liam can I talk to you for a second?"









They all walked away and I went back to bed man this is weird.


(Josh's POV)


"Liam, Kelsiee was killed last night because Steve came back after her."








Liam - "My wife is dead and now my daughter has nowhere to stay?"






Harry - "She is my daughter too Liam."








"Shut the fuck up Harry you don't even know her and if you guys really cared about her then you would've made Kelsiee tell Kellie that you guys were her father's."










Liam - "I didn't want her to be hated for this."









  "Liam she gets bullied every single day of her life."








 Liam - "Oh my god."








Harry - "She has my last name so she's mine."











"Harry she will be yours when you divorce Taylor and get Darcy back."







Harry - "I will just give me sometime."







Liam - "She's dropping out and going on tour with us so we can get to know her better."









  "Joey would be upset."







Harry - "Why would Joey be upset?"








  "Harry, Kellie and Joey are dating."









Liam - "Make sure he doesn't hurt my baby girl."








 "There is nothing to worry about Joey is coming with us so they can be together more."








 Harry - "Okay whatever Lux is in jail and I have to go pick her up."









"Harry stop doing everything for her she needs to grow up."







Liam - "If Louis heard you right now he would kill you."







  I'm going to text Niall.


Me: Hey Nialler !


Niall: Who is this ?


Me: Josh...


Niall: Josh ?


Me: The damn drummer boy


Niall: Haha I know


Me: Lux got arrested


Niall: Again ?


Me: Yes


Niall: Remember when she was adorable and cute ?


Me: Of course now she isn't she grew up really badly


Niall: Yes she did and now she is using Harry for money


Me: I wish we were still teenagers/ young adults


Niall: Do you remember summer 2013


Me: Yes why ?


Niall: Take Me Home Tour and you seen fireflies for the first time while in Nashville


Me: That was amazing


Niall: I miss those days


Me: Me too Niall me too


Niall: Now we are married and have kids and we have more responsibility


Me: I know but it's worth it


Niall: Kylee and Brandon are dating..


Me: Kellie and Joey are dating..


Niall: Josie and James are dating..


Me: You need to fucking tell Kylee to be fucking nice to Josie


Niall: What the hell are you talking about ?


Me: Kylee is mean to Josie and she always cries when we get back from having dinner with you guys


Niall: Wow..


(Niall's POV)


Man I swear to god Josh's kids are pussies I swear because they cant stand up for themselves. I have to text Zayn.


Me: Hi Zayn


Zayn: Hi Niall


Me: Is Kylee mean to James ?


Zayn: Of course she's mean to everybody even Perrie and I


Me: Why is she acting like this ?


Zayn: Hmm her dad is famous and her boyfriend's father is famous too


Me: She's doing this because of fame


Zayn: Yes


Me: I wonder if I ground her from everything if she will be nice


Zayn: Wont work Niall


Me: I don't know what to do with her


Zayn: Therapy


Me: I guess so..



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