Dad and Step Dad

Kellie struggles at school because she is constantly bullied at school. Will her mom tell her the truth or will she keep it a secret. Kellie is always asking about who her dad was. Her mom dies and now she has to go on tour with her dads and drop out of school.


2. Embarrassed

(Kellie's POV)

When I started to sing Kory started to cry and so did I so I jumped off stage and went over to Joey and Kory and helped him calm him down.







Joey -  "Kellie why did you do that Mrs. Chute doesn't give second chances?"










  "Joey he is my baby too and I am going to help take care of him."








Joey -  "Kellie you know I can take care of him by myself."










 "Joey I know but I want to help with Kory I want people to know I can be successful without a father."








Joey -  "My father is on tour and I don't have him around so we are the exact same."









 "That's why we're together."








He smiled and said "I'm glad we are."









Kory calmed down and Mrs. Chute said "Kellie you can have another chance tomorrow because your baby project."








  "Thanks Mrs. Chute thank you very much." She smiled and walked away.










Joey - "She must really like you because she never gives second chances." I heard the bell ring and we went to biology.









Mr. Kaspersky - "Now everybody there are more people in here so we are going to have to take the desks out of here."







Joey - "What if half went to lunch and the rest stayed."









Mr. Kaspersky said "Since Joey said that he gets to go to lunch with his partner and baby."







I walked out and he said "Kellie don't leave my classroom without asking me."









  "Joey and I are partners so I get to go to lunch with Joey and Kory."










He nodded and said "Well bye have a great day." I walked out and  caught up with Joey.









 Joey - "Kellie would your mum let me stay over if we tell her about this project."










  "Yes she will understand that we have to take care of it together."












He smiled and said "What do you want for lunch?"











 "I don't eat."








He said "Is that why you are very skinny?"








 "Yes Joey it is." He grabbed my waist and put  his lips onto mine.











We both pulled back and smiled and everybody was looking at us and Millie said "Joey is with the ugly bitch."












Joey - "I'm not with you."








Millie said "You wish you were with me."











Joey - "Bitch no I don't."










 "Joey I'm going home."









Joey - "I'm coming with you because of two reasons, one we are dating, two we are going to take care of Kory tonight."








I started walking home and Joey said "Come on Kellie I'm driving you home."









I "Joey my house isn't that far away I think I can walk". He walked over to me and picked me up and took me over to his car. He put me in his car and buckled me in and drove me to my house. I said "Joey how do you know where I live"? He said "I know a lot of things". I looked at him weirdly and nodded.

(Joey's POV)

Kellie doesn't know but I know who her father is and I know he is going to come visit  when Kellie is on summer break. I want to tell her but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Kellie and I walk up to the door hand in hand and we walk in and her mum got all happy to see us together.








Kellie - "Mum, Joey and I are doing a project at school and we have to be parents of a fake baby and we both have to take care of the doll at the same time can he stay over?"








 Kelsiee - "Of course is your mum okay with it Joey?"








  "She already said yes."










 Kellie - "I will show you my room and the bathroom."








Kelsiee told me not to tell her who her father is until the summer starts. I nodded and walked with Kellie. They have a lovely house well if Kellie knew her father they would live in a bigger house though.









 Kellie - "Kory can sleep in bed with you and I can sleep on the floor."









  "Babe you are sleeping in the bed with Kory and I."









Kellie -  "I am too fat."









 "Kellie you aren't fat trust me if I can pick you up then you aren't fat." She started crying. I picked her up and kissed her cheek.









  "Kellie I don't like when you cry it makes me sad."







She looked at me and said "You are the only person from school that has ever cared about me."











 "Kellie, people are so cruel to you because they want to be you."










 She looked at me weirdly and said "Why look at me I'm fat and ugly."












 "Kellie you aren't ugly Millie is ugly."










 Kellie -  "Yes but she isn't fat."









 "Kellie lets just lay down and I will tell you about my dad."








 Kellie - "Okay Joey."









 "My dad is famous and he is in a boy band called One Direction, he is their drummer and I am going on tour with him in the summer and coming back when I start at the University."









 Kellie -  "Well I would love to meet him someday."












 "Don't worry babe you will."











I put my lips onto hers and we ended up in a make-out session. S











Kellie -  "You know that when I meet my dad that I'm living with him until I find out everything about him because I haven't meet him or talked to him."












  "Kellie I hope you guys like each other but I will miss you very much if you leave." Well if she leaves and lives with Harry then I'm going too because I want to see my dad Josh. I miss my dad very much. Kellie's mum cheated on Harry with Liam. Harry is Kellie's dad and Liam is her step dad. I hope she isn't mad but her actual name is Kellie Payne not Styles but her mum wanted her to go by Styles. I have no clue but Harry is married to Taylor Swift and has a baby now with Kelsiee. I don't like cheaters but I have to get along with Kelsiee so she will let me hangout here more often. I am really scared that I will tell Kellie who her real dads are. I mean she has two and she doesn't even know them. Harry and Liam are very lucky because they have a very beautiful daughter. My sister Josie and I are twins but she is home schooled because she is scared of being mobbed. I can't go anywhere without at least one person coming up to me and asking for a autograph or and picture. Kellie fell asleep so I decided to explore her. I lifted her sleeves to see that she had scars on her arm. She is almost to her wrist. I am not letting her kill herself. I love her too much to let her go. I took off her shirt so she was just in her tank top and booty shorts. I changed into my boxers. I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep now.

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