Come on make me feel until the pain don't matter
Every second here makes my heart beat faster
Finally think I found what I'm chasing after.
All alone, just the beat inside my soul
Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold
In the zone where the beat is un-controlled.
I know what it feels like
Come on make me feel alive


1. 1.

A/N* You need to read my other movella Poisoned With Love the first book to understand this one.


"Morning huh." My mum Joanna said.

"Morning..." I mumbled. I told her everything about me and my past. The memory of him etched in my heart and brain. I could feel she was hiding something from me but with her its never bad. I haven't seen my brother in over 6 months. He wanted me to stay and help, but when his friend well my ex said "Who are you" I died. I loved him with every part of me and he is gone. I walked up stairs and went into my brothers room. It was time like these that I needed him. I slipped into his shirt and sweats and crawled under his covers. It smelt strongly of him I started to cry. Sob actually. I felt a hand on my back . I didn't look up until I heard someone speak. 

"Eh Lou where are ya?" I heard the familar voice of the man that I love call out. I shot up and saw the guy who was comforting me. My brother Louis was back. I hugged him and cried harder. Then I heard the door open. I looked up from his shoulder to see him... Zayn Malik. The boy I loved and still do. He was different now. He looked older. A light stubble traced his chisled features. His golden eyes we jaded and gaurded. His hair messlily styled. He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white muscle shirt. When our eyes met he seemed like he was hit by a bus. 

"anna?" He whispered. I teared up. I got up with Louis who left the room. "you remember?" I asked in a hushed tone. He took a large step and was now in front of me. The back of my knees were pressed against the bed. He took his hand and placed it behind my neck. 

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