From the great beyond

Hey you may know me from starlight! My name is Rosepetal and yes I am an alien! I'm 20 now in human years but in alien years years probably around 200 and this is a story about my hight school years in a HUMAN SCHOOL!


1. Getting to know me

Sup my peps! My name is Rosepetal! You my know me from Starlight, but she wasn't my first friend on earth. True friendship takes time! Let's talk more about my appearance. Ever since I came to earth I have been called "smoking hot" which would technically make sense if I was on fire. Thank god I have Starlight to tell me things about this strange world, I would have never guess that smoking hot really meant really really pretty! I have Blue hair and my skin turns a shade of red when i'm nervous oh wait... human have that to! I was sent here to study this world and I must report back to my masters at the end of everyday. I build small spaceships and robots and i'm apparently really good at math. People call me a genius but it just comes naturally. It all started when I was assigned a planet.

                                                            On my home planet Orbius 7

"Mars goes to Evergreen of the Taneishy family" the announcer said as Evergreen stepped onto the stage.

I stood in the crowd whispering to myself, "I have to Earth I have to!"

My best friend Vash put her hand on my should and said, "Don't you worry they know that you have wanted to study Earth for longer than anyone else! Of course you'll get picked!"

"And last but not least The planet Earth goes to Rosepetal of the Cariter family." the announcer said.

"See what did I tell you?" Vash said elbowing me.

I ran up to the stage grabbed my scroll with all the information on it. 

"There will be money, a car, and an apartment waiting for you when you arrive." the announcer pointed out after the ceremony.

At the time no one knew what these things are so he actually said there will be currency, means of transportation and a dwelling.

Soon after I packed my belongings and said my good byes.

"My stars I can't believe your going away forever!" Vash said.

"Well will holochat everyday okay?"

"Yes please!"

When we walked into the ship we wished each other luck and went to the separate parts of the ship.This ship was called mark 1 and could travel at the speed of light and speed that humans haven't even acquired yet. 

"Please take a seat and well will soon be on are way to your planet. We have made a robtic assistant for any of your wants and needs." said the pilot of the ship.

"Sir we have enough fuel to go full power!" someone shouted. 

"Alright then let's turn it up to full speed!"

And we were off.

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