It all Backfires

Katy queen bee of her high school she expects every body to kneel down at her ever need but when one boy who happens to be jn one direction does not she becomes a royal bitch. her mother is tired of her drama's attitude and sends her have way across the county to her grand father's farm when she is on her plane it decides to crash with her, and the boy and his posy, one direction


2. now move

         Katy's POV

     I walked into the cafeteria with a smirk, all these losers wish they were me and they all knew I was the best in this damn school.  I walked over to the table which I always sit at, to see a boy with blue eyes he was wearing, a black and white striped shirt, red skinny jeans, and suspenders. oh great a nerd that need to be told a lesson. I tapped on his shoulder causing him to look at me "move" I said using hand gestures, all the girls gaped like it was horrible that I did that, but I've always done it so whats the big deal now? "I think i'm fine here what about you sit somewhere else" he smiled, "I sit there now move" I growled  kind of pissed off, "is your name on it no! I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson, now move somewhere else" he smirked snapping his fingers. the whole cafeteria laughed. "shut the fuck up all of you" I screamed giving everyone the finger. I stormed out of the cafeteria pissed off, I got in my pink jeep and sped home to complain to my parents about this, this, descrase everybody should listen to me! that boy will pay!!



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