summer love

read to find out ;)



Sky's P.O.V 

Jonathan and i are on our way to the hospital and i keep jumping in my seat,

my ankel hurts so bad.He keeps looking at me with worried looks,so i comfront him. S-Im fine cracker. J-ok babe im just worried about you.S-well dont worry about me im just fine.J-ok but we are here. S-ok help me out please? jonathan gets out of the car and came around to help me. we get inside the hospital and go to the front desk. The lady at the desk asks those simple questions like:whats you're full name,whats wrong with you.Then she brought me to that little room for weight, blood presure and, stuff.We went to a hospital room where the docter comes in to look at you.I fell like we've been waiting forever then the docter came in.(D for docter) D-Ok, miss higgins what seemes to be the problem? S-i fell at the beach and hurt my ankel really bad and my friend here thought it was broken so he brought me here.D-ok,im going to touch it in curtain places and i want you to tell me if it hurts.S-ok.he starts touching it. S-OOWWW!!!!!!! (im doing a time skip i really dont feel like wrighting lol) *time skip when sky gets results* d-ok Ms.Skylar you have to stay in a cast for a few weeks because you fractered you're ankel pretty bad. So come back when you think you're ankel is better ok. S-ok doc ill come back in about 4 weeks. (drive home) jonathan droped me off at home and said he will be back later to help me do things around my house. Oh i have to call niall (on phone with niall) he picks up on the first ring n-hey sky what the docter say s-i have to wear a cast for about a month and jonathans gonna help me around my house because my parents are gone  n-can the boys and i help too s-sure i guess *ok the next chapter will be posted tomarrow bye my lovlies ~Hannah~:)

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