summer love

read to find out ;)



Nialls P.O.V

     n-boys get some clothes we are going to skys house. LT-Why? N-because she broke her anckel and us and jonathan are gonna help out around the her house. My phone rang so that might be sky telling me the address to her house.N-boys does anyone know where sunshine dr is H-I do what house 

she said its the third house on the right H-yeah i know exactly where that is 

LT-how do you know that H-I know that because my aunt just moved near there and ive been to my aunts house before but shes on a busness trip now 

LT-ok thats a little more than i wanted to know N-Hurry up boys she needs our help. All the boys-alright alright we are hurring dang. *at sky's house *

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