summer love

read to find out ;)



Sky's P.O.V 

Fanilly its summer im so happy, right now im at the beach with jonathan and hailey

im having so much fun an...."Sky come on'' jonathan said interupting my thoughts  ''ok but where we goin?'' i said.''well hailey had to leave so we are walking the beach for awile then swim.'' he said 

''ok fine with me come on''I said so we were walking on the beach holding hands when he splashed water on me i chased him around he went in the water and i dunked him under.I got out and he chased me around and I tripped and fell srceaming about my anckel hurting.Jonathan came up to me helping me try to get up.Then 5 guys came up to me asking why was i yelling and asking a hole bunch of other questions.The one with the striped shirt asked "Love are you ok and why where you yelling?''  ''Im fine i just hurt my anckel really bad and that should answer all of you're questions'' I said ''well not all,whats you're name and do you need a ride to the hospital???''The blonde one said. ''my name is skylar but you can call me sky and no i dont need a ride my friend jonathan here can bring me thanks'' i said and those boys do look really familiar the curly haired one said something.''my name is harry styles thats niall,liam,louis,and zayn'' oh thats right there one direction haliey talks about them all the time ''ok, well im going to go have fun in a hospital room,bye!!'' i said ''wait can i have you're number for when you get to the hospital and out we can know you are ok?''niall said  ''yeah sure.'' he handed me his Iphone and i gave him mine so i have his number and i have his ''bye guys im off to the hospital.'' i said while jonathan carried me to his truck bridal style ''bye sky!'' niall yelled *i will post the next chapter soon but the reson why i have been taking so long in posting is bc ive been at summer camp and theres no wifi darnit lol bye mee lovlies ~hannah~(>*^*<) lol fat penguin 


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