Can't Be Tamed

Alice Black, with just 18 years I am a Secret Agent from the ‘Secret Service of London’ and my latest mission was: ‘Taking Care of One Direction’. And it is not as easiest as it sounds, taking care of these boys is a little difficult, funny, complicated and desperately exciting.

Yes, I’m a girl that no one has been able to control or deal with. I’m mischievous, cheeky, sassy, rebel and flirt type of girl.
I thought I will never met a person that could change me like this, but I found it, and it is the less person I could ever imagine…

This is my story…


1. Preparing

I woke up 8:00 in the morning, really early but I had to go to Katherine’s house. Katherine is one of my team-mates and my best friend also.

I got dressed really quickly and went out my house.

When I got there I found my cousin Madison and his brother Edward out of the house.

‘Hey guys! Are you waiting for Kat?’ I asked, but they made signs for me to shut up.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked when I got closer.

‘Just shut up and listen.’ Edward demand.

And that was just what I do. I listen Kat shouting, well, she was fighting with someone inside his house.

‘Is Jack.’ Madison said when she saw my face of confusion.

‘Again? What the hell is he again here?’ This is stupid, what part he doesn’t understand of leaving her alone?!

‘We clearly don’t know.’ Edward said as if it was obvious.

I got closer the door and opened it with my key desperately.

‘Good! Now your stupid friends are coming!’ Jack exclaimed with anger.

‘HEY!’ Madison yelled back.

‘Watch what goes out of your damn mouth!’ Kat yelled at Jack pushing him back.

‘Is the damn mouth that made you feel alive once.’ Jack said with a stupid grin in his face.

‘You better go, and never come back.’ I said, trying to save Kat.

‘I’ll be around Katherine, you know I will.’ He said while he was doing his way out of the house.

Madison shut the door behind him.

‘He can’t be more fu**ing idiot, I’m sure…’

‘Me too…’ I reply back to Edward.

‘Guys!’ Kat yelled from the other side of the room with tears rolling down her face.

‘Hey, hey. Sorry, they’re a pair of fools.’ Madison said while she went to Kat’s side.

Edward and I looked to each other and smile.

‘Why was he here?’ I asked.

‘He came to talk with me, he want to us to make up.’ She answered shaking his head.

‘We have to keep an eye on him from now.’ Edward said dead serious.

‘Yup!’ Madison said.

‘Well, whatever. We’re here for going to our first day of work with 1D.’ Kat said wiping the tears from her face.

‘Oh yeah. Well, you’re going to keep an eye on them, me & my team are going to ask job as bodyguards, so, we are involved too.’ Ed said.

Mad, Kat & me couldn’t hide our ‘Ugh’ faces.

‘Really brother?’

‘Yup sister, those were the orders to us.’

‘Okay, okay. What it supposed to be our jobs?’

‘We are the stylists Mad.’

‘Ah, okay. Well, let’s go!’

We went to the little ‘shelter’ of us and Ed’s team.

‘I’ve already called Diamond, she said she would go to Amber’s place to take her here.’ Kat said.

‘GUYS! HOW IS IT GOING?’ Alec’s voice yelled from the entrance.

‘Al! You don’t have to scream, we are not deaf!’ I put it clear.

The guys begin to show up.

Alec came with Ryan and Frederick. Then Allen brought Evan, Casper & Patrick came behind together –which was weird, because they had trouble because of me- & Diamond brought Amber as she said.

Okay, I had to deal with it, my whole body wanted to go with Casper, I’m still into his claws, even when my head keeps saying: He is bad for you, he already broke you once… I’m still into him, & ‘till now I haven’t found someone who make him go out of my mind. Even when I fall seriously with Patrick, he was still there, messing up with my head, ‘cause that’s what he do the most.

‘Okay guys!’ Kat said clapping, calling all of our attention.

‘Edward’s team is going to ask job with management as bodyguards.’ Madison explained.

‘And Jade’s team is going to be the new stylists.’ Edward said.

‘And why are we going to take care of those guys?’ Allen asked.

‘There are people who wanted to kill them, they haven’t confirmed it public, you know, for not scaring anyone, ‘cause that wouldn’t help One Direction’s image.’ I explained walking around my mates.

‘So, management decided to call us, the ¨Secret Service Of London¨, and the superiors choose us to do this job.’ Diamond continued.

‘So, that means… everyone knows we are the best!’ Casper said jumping.

‘Kind of’ Edward said.

‘Well, let’s go! Let’s do this!’ Amber exclaimed.

Me & the girls took the Audi R8 (white) & the boys took the BMW M1 (orange), we like to drive with style.

We received a message from the agency giving us the address of the place where we supposed to ask job.

‘The good thing is that we have to say where we come from and that’s it! We have the job and we are in.’ Amber said.

‘I’m super excited! We are going to be with One Direction!’ Diamond yelled.

‘Really Diamond?’ I asked.

‘What? You’re no excited?’

‘Not really. They are just 5 famous good-looking boys.’

‘And I think 5 boys so easy to get.’ Kat said flirty.

‘Yeah, buddy. Besides, we can have fun & make the boys we have behind.’ Mad said.

‘Oh! You’re such a genius!’ Kat said.

We all laugh mischievously.


The work-date went good. We’ve got the job, we are in.

‘Let’s go to eat to Nando’s.’ Ryan suggested.

We all agree, so we went to eat & from there we went to the agency.

‘Guys, you have visits. A important one.’ Julie said.

Julie was the assistant of Rob, our chief.

‘Thanks Julie.’ Edward said.

We went to the reunion room and when we all enter, we found Rob talking with Simon & Paul. I know their names because of the research we do from all of the people we are going to work with.

‘Hi guys!’ Simon said.

‘Hey!’ Alec said somewhere behind me.

‘We came to talk with you, because we know you are the responsible of 1D.’ Paul started.

‘Yes, we are.’ Casper said next to me.

‘Well, guys, you know you have to much in your back, right?’ Simon continued.

‘Yes, we know it perfectly. But we also know we are capable of this, so you shouldn’t worry Sir.’ Kat answered.

‘Okay, we just came to warn you a couple of things… Which one is the team who is supposed to be the stylists?’ Paul said in a serious tone.

My team raised their hands.

‘Okay, the other ones, out. Please boys.’ Rob ordered.

All the boys obey & Paul kept looking at us from head to toes.

‘So…?’ Amber started.

‘You’re so pretty for the boys, but you’re the only ones who can make the jobs, you know it, didn’t you?’ Paul continued.

We all smile tricky.

‘Course we know.’ I answered proudly.

‘Okay, we have to put them a stop sign…’ Simon said looking at Rob.

‘To your guys?’ Mad said pointing Simon and Paul with her head.

‘Yes.’ Paul answered.

Oh no. I know what THIS mean… No!

‘You have to had a boyfriend, a fake one.’ Simon said like if he just heard my thoughts.

‘And it has to be from the other team…’ Rob continued.

‘So we have to act like a couple with the boys of the other team?’ Diamond asked.

‘Yes. Well Simon, Paul, don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it.’ Rob said turning to the 2 men next to him.

Simon & Paul said ‘bye’ to all of us & in minutes they were gone.

‘Rob, please, don’t do this.’ I begged.

‘Girls, I have to.’

‘& with who are you going to engaged us?’ Kat said mad.

‘Don’t be harsh. You’re just acting! You’ve done this before! Don’t be silly girls!’ Rob said as calm as possible.

There was a second of silence, but Rob’s words broke it.

‘I’m going to call the candidates, then, I will tell them the plan & I will make the couples. Understood?’

‘Yes Sir.’ We all said at a time.

He brought Alec, Frederick, Casper, Evan & Ryan.

When Rob told them the idea some of their faces were enjoying the moment & others weren’t.

‘So… Alec, you will go with… Katherine, get out of here you two.’ Rob said.

‘Frederick… go with… Amber.’ Both of them get out of the room.

‘Evan with Diamond… Ryan  with Madison… & obviously you two together.’ Rob said pointing at Casper & me.


‘Rob, please, no!’ I begged.

‘It is an order Jade, & I don’t care if you like it or no, you have to obey the orders.’ Rob said strictly.

‘Yes Sir.’ I said disappointed.

This wasn’t going to be as I expected. But I don’t care, if I have to use my charming thing, I will going to use them. I have to have fun with this famous guys! This is great!


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