Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


39. Work Again

I wake up to a knock on the bedroom door. "Come in," I call, looking over to it. The door opens slowly to reveal Kriss standing there. "Hey hun," I say to her.

"Good morning," She replies. I glance at the clock and it reads 7am. 

"Do you want to come lay down with us?" I ask her. Zayn is still asleep because he is a really heavy sleeper, but that doesn't really matter. 

"Sure," She says. I can tell she's still tired, but I'm not sure why she got up so early. I hold up the blanket so she can climb in and I turn away from Zayn so that I can turn to her. 

"How did you sleep?" I inquire.

"Okay," She replies.

"Do you like it when your back is rubbed?" I ask her. She nods so I start rubbing her back. I start adding up times in my head. Simon wants us at the Main Center for noon, but before then I'd like to get Kriss some clothes which would mean we would have to leave around nine. If I wanted to leave around ten I would have to get Zayn up at 8 and right now it was seven. 

"My mommy used to do this," Kriss whispers.

"I'm sure she loved you very much Kriss," I tell her.

"I miss her a lot," She admits, turning around to face me. "And my daddy too," A tear rolls down her cheek. I wrap an arm around her and pull her closer to me.

"You are so beautiful Kriss. I'm sure your parents are looking down on you right now and are proud," I kiss her forehead. 

"How much do you love Zayn?" She asks me like she did yesterday. 

I think about it for a moment and realize I hadn't thought about it much before. Do I love Zayn? "I don't know yet. But I'm falling hard," I answer her and as soon as I say it, I realize it's true. I feel Zayn's feet shift from where they are twined with mine.

"You are supposed to be asleep Zayn. This was a private conversation," I tell him, turning on my back so I can see both Zayn and Kriss. 

Zayn looks past me at Kriss. "A pretty face like your shouldn't cry," He tells her. She smiles weakly and I tighten my arm around her, feeling protective. Then he turns to me. "I'm here to catch you," He says. 

"Now," He says, sitting up. "Why are we awake so bloody early?" He complains.

"Because we have to go shopping for clothes for Kriss," I answer. 

"Really?" Kriss' face lights up. 

"Definitely!" Zayn climbs out of bed, walks to her side and picks her up, swinging her around. I smile looking at them. He puts her down, whispers something in her ear, and she rushes off. I laugh, climbing out of bed and moving to my bag of clothes. 

I change into my black jeans, blue V Neck, Doc Martens, and leather jacket. Zayn throws on the male version of my outfit. "This is the second day in a row that you have color coordinated with me," I tell him.

"You have a good style," He shrugs.

"Duh, that's why I'm your stylist," I laugh. Kriss comes back in with one of Zayn's jumpers and shoes on. "You're so cute," I tell her. "Would you like me to do your hair?" I ask her. She nods excitedly and comes to stand in front of me. I braid the front of it going to the side in a french braid style so it will keep it out of her face. 

"Are we ready now?" Zayn asks. Kriss and I nod and we begin to walk out of the flat. We go to a couple of different stores and before I can get my money out to pay for any of her stuff, Zayn slides his card across the counter. 

We are about to leave the shoe store when I the cutest miniature pair of Doc Martens. I point them out to Zayn and he almost falls on his knees in front of them. We show them to Kriss and ask her if she likes them. "Yes I like them! I would have the same shoes as both of you!!" She exclaims. 

We buy her the shoes and a pair of Converse as well before heading back to the loft to drop off the extra clothing and so that she can change. She comes out looking just like Zayn and I - the black jeans, blue shirt, the doc martens, and the mini leather jacket that Zayn got her. 

I'm glad we got up when we did because the time i had planned out wouldn't have been enough. By the time we get back it's 11 o'clock. Zayn decides to make us some breakfast, so while he is doing that I take Kriss down to Harry and Amber's flat. 

"What are we doing here?" Kriss asks just as Harry opens the door. 

"Hey Hazza," I say picking up Liam's nickname for Harry. Harry invites me to sit on his couch and I pull Kriss on my lap. Amber and Harry sit on the couch opposite us. 

"So I have a favor to ask of you both. And of you Kriss," I tell them.

"What is it?" Amber asks.

"Zayn and I were wondering if Kriss could sleep over here tonight," I say.

"Yea sure of course," Harry replies. Amber nods, understanding why. 

Kriss, on the other hand, breaks out in a cry. "What's the matter baby?" I ask her, filled with concern. I turn her to look at me.

"I-I thought you were g-going to be my n-new family. B-but you alread-dy want-t to get rid of me," She cries, grabbing around my neck.

"Oh Kriss!" I exclaim. "Baby we aren't getting rid of you. Zayn and I just have something very important planned and we thought that having a movie night down here with Amber and Harry would be more fun for you," I tell her, pulling her back a little to look at her. 

She struggles to stop sobbing. "Are you okay with that sweetie?" I ask her.

"I g-guess so," She mumbles, holding on to my neck tightly. 

"I promise, I will come watch one of the movies with you and I will tuck you in before Zayn and I go okay? I'll say good night to you and then as soon as you wake up in the morning you can come upstairs and lay in bed with us again. Does that sound like a deal?" I ask her. She nods, her head against my chest. 

"Are you guys cool with that?" I ask Amber and Harry. They nod.

"Can I ask you a question Kriss?" Harry questions her. She nods, but doesn't move her head away from me. "What made you dress like that?" He asks.

"I wanted to match them," She answers, referring to Zayn and I. 

"Nice shoes," Amber points out.

"Right?" I laugh. I kiss Amber's cheek and we talk about making sure the boys are ready on time.  I head back upstairs, carrying Kriss in my arms. Inside Zayn's flat we wait for Zayn to finish cooking and then eat the pancakes he made for us. 

Once we finish, we rush for the other boys to get ready and head to the Main Center. The day is filled with song writing and recording which means that Amber, El, Dani, Kriss, and I aren't with the boys for the majority of the day. Instead Amber and I are researching more hacking techniques on our laptops and since Simon instantly fell in love with Kriss, she is currently coloring in a color book Simon had bought for her. El and Dani decided to come back later because they had shopping to do.

"Do you plan on keeping Kriss?" Amber asks me quietly.

"I don't know. I don't want her in the foster system, but I don't know if Zayn and I can handle a seven year old," I answer.

"Harry told me that his sister was looking to adopt," She says. "That way she would still be relatively close to us all and in a safe place," Amber offers.

"I'll keep it in mind," I tell her while watching Kriss color.

"So tonight huh?" Amber asks giggling.

"It was going to be last night, but Kriss was there," I respond.

"Harry told me, that when they moved in they had each of the ceilings and floors sound proof so noise would travel through the floors unless it passed by open doors," Amber giggled. 

"And have you tested that theory?" I ask.

"Mhm," She answers, typing something.

"Well was it good?" I question.

"Was what good?" She asks.

"The sex," I whisper.

"Oh. That. Yea it was good," She replies. I shake my head laughing. We talk and wait for the boys because we aren't allowed to break their concentration. At the end of the day, they have created one good song.

"Maybe we should be their songwriters too," I laugh to Amber as Zayn scoops up Kriss and twirls her around. I had told Zayn how Kriss reacted on the way over here. Since, he's been playing with her whenever he sees her.

Now, we all head back to the lofts together. When I asked Zayn what we were having for dinner he said we would eat the leftovers of the lasagna. I warm up the lasagna as Zayn sets Kriss up to take a shower. 

While Kriss is in the shower I go over to Zayn and wrap my eyes around his neck. "So we're watching a movie with Kriss in Harry's flat before it's our turn to have some fun," I tell Zayn. 

"As long as I get you to myself at some point," He says, about to kiss me for the first time today, when Kriss comes out of the bathroom in a towel, dripping water everywhere.

"Oh sweetie," I say, pulling away from Zayn and going over to Kriss. I help her dry off and get dressed in the new pajamas Zayn and I got her. I pull her brown hair into a french braid and then we go out to where Zayn is to eat.

We eat the lasagna fairly quickly and then head downstairs to Harry's flat. Kriss nestles her head against Zayn's chest and refuses to let go of his neck throughout the movie (Toy Story) until finally she falls asleep towards the end. "Goodnight sweetheart," I whisper to her kissing her cheek. Zayn says goodnight to her while I thank Harry and Amber. 

"She's already attached to you. Keep that in mind," Amber tells me. "But goodnight twin," She glares at Zayn as Zayn and I head out.

"Does she know what's going on tonight?" He asks me.

"She knows that we are going to be alone tonight and can't have a light sleeper upstairs with us when we do. I'm sure anyone can do that math," I tell him as we enter his loft. 

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