Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


24. What Counts

As soon as we get to Zayn's flat he starts asking me about Jeremy. "We aren't talking about this," I tell him as he puts on a kettle of tea. There's a force in my voice that makes him take it seriously. 

"Okay, okay. I get it. But then we're talking about something else," He says. 

"Fine, I'll play along," I reply, sitting on his couch. 

"I got the part right!" He exclaims.

"That's right! You did," I smile.

"So what's my reward?" He asks.

"You don't get one. You were still looking at me," I point out. He pouts. 

"That's true. But I did get a reward at the end of the song," He says.

"Which was?" I ask, completely oblivious.

"Think about it. What was at the end?" He questions, a smile playing on his lips. After a long minute of thinking, realization strikes.

"Oh," I manage. He laughs. "That was nothing," I shake my head.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"It was for the audience. Doesn't count," I shrug my shoulders. 

"Of course it counts," He counters.

"Nope," I pop the P.

"Well then show me something that does," He crosses his arms over his chest. 

"Fine. Close your eyes," I say opening a water bottle and taking a sip. He closes his eyes. I lean towards him slowly and then really quickly, I pour the cold water on his head. His eyes flash open and I grin wildly. 

"That counted," I laugh, beginning to run away from him. 

He chases after me all around his flat until finally he catches me. "What are you going to do now?" I ask, smiling.

"This," He says slowly before taking my face in his hand and planting a gentle kiss on my lips. I pull back after a moment and sink my head in his chest. The kiss was nice, don't get me wrong, but Jeremy was haunting my thoughts at the moment and I was already upset because of tonight's events. 

"What's wrong?" He asks me, worried, as he tightens his grip around me. I shake my head keeping my arms close to my face and chest. 

"I just um... I'm tired, that's all," I reply after a moment of composing myself. I pull back and go grabthe water bottle, taking a sip before sinking into the couch. 

"We both know I don't believe that," He says, sitting next to me. I sigh, and drop my head in his lap, focusing on deep breaths. 

"Can we please just watch a film? I don't do emotions," I complain, sitting up.

"That sounds good," He replies. We choose a film to watch and grab blankets to cover ourselves with. The last thing I remember before going to sleep is moving closer to Zayn's warmth and intertwining my fingers with his. 


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