Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


16. SImon's Judgement

Simon watches the whole thing silently, his facial expression only changing slightly when Zayn messes up the complicated part of the last dance while Sienna is dancing with Niall. When everyone hits their ending positions, Simon says, "They need to kiss at the end," and points to Zayn and Sienna. They look at each other awkwardly and let go, allowing a few feet of space between them. 

Simon comments on the outfits a little and Amber runs back to the dressing rooms to change it. He tells me that his computer was hacked a few days ago so I write down instructions on what to do and then to contact us if it happens again. I also told him that we would look into the trafficking into his computer for the past week. 

"That sounds like a lot of work," He laughs.

"Well we do try, Mr. Cow- Simon," I correct myself.

"Alright so," He announces to the everyone. "You guys will run through that last dance three more times. Then you will change into regular clothes and need to be at the Main Center at 3:30 for an interview. After that, you guys are done for the day. Sound good?" 

Before anyone can reply, music comes over the whole arena. But it isn't the boys' music. It's my music. It's my song that I was dancing to the other day when the boys walked in. The song that I wrote and recorded. That song is the song that is playing now. 

No one makes a move to stop the song from continuing. When it ends, everyone is silent. "Who's the artist?" Simon asks no one in particular.

"No one knows," Harry says. When Simon gives him a confused look he elaborates. "It's Alex's music. But she doesn't know who the artist is,"

"Where'd you get it?" Simon asks me. 

"I...uh..." I struggle to respond. 

"I see. You know who the artist is, but you don't want to share! Well, please tell the artist that I'd be willing to give her a record deal if she speaks up," He smiles.

"Will do," I reply as I notice Amber staring at me. 

"Okay. Well I will see you all tomorrow. 11am," Simon says. I bite my lip - that isn't a lot of time. We say good bye to him and wait for him to leave.

"Okay so new plan. We run through it three more times, interview, and then come back and run through it twice more. If you guys get it right then we're done. If not, then we do it again and again and again," I tell them. They all groan. 

"Don't screw up again," Harry hits Zayn.

"You think I did it on purpose?" Zayn exclaims, losing his temper quickly. 

"All I'm saying is that if we have to spend all night here it's your fault," Harry responds. 

"Both of you shut up and get into starting positions," I yell, getting their attention. Everyone gets ready to start again.

"Go get water," Amber commands me. I start to go get water, knowing that arguing with her is useless. 

When I come back, we put Tori in charge of monitoring them while Amber and I take out our laptops to start looking for the computer trafficking. "Alright. Now instead of looking wherever you want, look at me. All of you. The whole time," I hear Tori say. I hear the music restart and focus on the computer. 

Amber and I find a point of entry for the computer but when we trace it back it goes to a public computer at the local library. We get into the library's computer after hacking it's firewall, just to see all of it's data has been wiped out. Shit.

We put our computers away, both of us upset by the dead end. "Okay now look wherever you want again," Tori says, running through the last time. Amber and I watch them.

Throughout the routine, I watch as Zayn stares at me the whole time, keeping prefect pitch and during the complicated part, he gets its exactly the way it's supposed to be. They end it and start climbing off the stage. "Go get water and change," Amber tells them.

"How'd they do the first two times?" I ask Tori.

"The first time, Zayn got it right. The second time he didn't. And as you saw, the third time he did," She replies.

"Do you think it's random?" I question her as we start walking back to the dressing rooms so I can change.

"I know that it isn't. The first and third time he got it right. The first and third time he was looking at you," She says. I look at her and she nods. "He's definitely got a thing for you."

I sigh and head to the dressing room, changing into my normal clothes which include my Black Doc Martens. I remember that Sienna has my jacket, so I go out in my tank top and head to where she is to get it. 

"Let's get to the interview!" I exclaim once I'm ready. 

------------------------------------------------------------Author's Note-------------------------------------------------------I'm glad we got to 225 reads but unfortunately I don't think it was achieved by Friday so only one chapter right now!

Keep reading guys! 240 til next update!! And mandatory 1 comment. I am SERIOUS. I am not updating again until I get a comment down there!!!! Even if it takes a fricken year. And let me tell you if it does take a year this movella will just get deleted. With that being said keep reading :)


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