Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


46. Rehearsal Day

In the morning I move to get up, opening my eyes, but Zayn pulls me tighter against him. I clench my teeth and close my eyes tightly as a pain spreads through my side. "What's wrong?" Zayn asks, letting go slightly.

"Nothing," I reply, re-opening my eyes and pulling away from him, climbing out of the bed. 

"Alex, don't lie to me," He sighs.

"Zayn, I'm fine," I tell him.

"If you weren't would you tell me?" He asks.

"Nope," I answer grabbing workout clothes for the day and heading to the bathroom to change and put on easy makeup. When I come back to the room Zayn is in the middle of changing. I giggle as I pull on my Osiris'. 

"You think it's funny?" He asks me, coming over to me.

"Nope," I smile, smacking his extra limb. "I think it's mine," I reply, laughing as I head out to the kitchen, and trying to ignore the pain in my side. 

I head down the stairs to wake the boys up and have them get ready. Downstairs and out of Zayn's hearing range, I call his sister Waliyha. "Hello? Who's this?" A voice answers the phone.

"Hello. Is this Waliyha?" I ask in the phone.

"Yes, may I ask who's calling?" She replies.

"My name is Alex Sweet," I respond.

"Oh," She answers and at that moment I can tell she keeps herself updated with One Direction.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you about Zayn," I say.

"I know you're his girlfriend. Is that supposed to mean something to me?" She asks. I can immediately tell she's Zayn's sister by the way she's acting mad to avoid sounding hurt. 

"Could we arrange a meeting? Say today at 1:30 at Nandos?" I question.

"I suppose. Although I'm not sure what the point is," She answers. 

"Great I will see you then. And feel free to bring Safaa I'd love to speak with her as well," I tell her, being just as polite as when I started. I hang up the phone and head back upstairs. "You ready to go?" I ask Zayn. He nods and grabs my hand and we head to the car, grabbing the other boys along the way. 

At the arena, Doniya meets us there with Kriss. "Hello baby girl!" I exclaim, picking her up. "How was the sleepover?" I ask her.

"Really great. I slept in a room that had a bed just my size and it had flowers all over the walls and a television that played the best movies and cartoons and Doniya laid with me last night watching a movie and then this morning I climbed in bed with her and Josh," She continues to tell me about her night.

"Would you like to go out to lunch?" Zayn asks me as we put our stuff down.

"Actually I have lunch plans with Doniya," I say, praying that Doniya will go with it. She looks over at the mention of her name and nods. 

"Well I can join," He replies.

"Nope. Just us two," Doniya helps me. Mentally I breathe a sigh of relief. He grunts and heads on stage as I thank Doniya for saving me once again. I watch the boys run through the routine a few times before I let Tori take over so that Amber and I can go pick out their outfits for the show. 

"Make sure you pick out your outfits too," Amber tells me.

"Oh yeah," I sigh.

We go with our usual style of matching the color scheme but not the actual outfits, except for one outfit where we give them all grey jeans and blue V necks. With that outfit, we each give them a different styled jacket that has slightly different shades of colors. 

"Now pick out yours," Amber says. Since I'm performing only five (six with Zayn) songs, I really only need two different outfits.

For the majority of my songs I'm going to wear black jeans, baby pink flats, a pink sleeveless button up shirt with my hair down. "Sexy," Zayn compliments, coming in to change into his clothes for the show. 

"At work," I reply, but I'm laughing so he doesn't take me very seriously. I push him off of me when grabs my waist, moving to pick out the outfits for Zayn and I to wear during the duet.

For him I pick out out dark jeans, an off-white button up shirt and a blue tie. "What are you wearing?" He asks me.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," I tell him. I end up picking an off-white dress that has a heart line and is strapless. It puffs out at the waist and has baby blue edges and a blue heart on the left waist. I'm classing down the dress with a pair of black Converse so that it's dressy but at the same time casual. 

"Absolutely stunning," Amber compliments.

"Thanks," I reply, changing back into my workout clothes. 

I go on the stage and run throughout one of my routines. My side hurts like shit but I continue acting like nothing is wrong and I keep singing. After that routine Paul, the security guard for the guys, calls the lunch break. 

I change into skinny jeans, a blue camisole and my leather jacket, slipping on my stilettos. "WHy are you dressing up to go out to lunch with my sister?" Zayn questions me, as I grab my bag and link arms with Doniya.

"Because I feel like it," I kiss his cheek quickly and kiss Kriss' forehead good-bye for now as Doniya and I head out. 

"So where are we going?" Doniya asks.

"I have a very important lunch date with your sisters," I reply. Her eyes widen in shock. "I'm going to try to get them to come to the concert tomorrow night," I say.

"I'll try to help you," She tells me. I nod a thanks.

We head to Nandos and I see two girls sitting in one side of a booth and Doniya points them out to be her sisters. One is about 15 and the other looks to be about 11. "Hello," I say greeting them politely. Their eyes widen at the sight of Doniya. I slide into the booth across from them. "Have you ordered yet?" I ask them.

"No, we were waiting for you," The younger one says - she's Safaa. 

"What did you want to talk about?" Waliyha asks and I can tell she's trying not to be too rude. 

"When was the last time you spoke to your brother?" I ask them politely. 

"A while ago. He doesn't call and we aren't concerned with him," Waliyha answers. Safaa looks out the window and I can tell she disagrees, but won't go against her sister.

"He misses you very much," I tell her, reaching my hand out to place on top of hers.

"If that was true, he'd try to come see us," Safaa replies as Waliyha pulls her hand away. Her tone isn't rude at all - she's not trying to hide that she's hurt.

"As you both know, Zayn has...issues to resolve with your parents. He hasn't been able to contact you, yes that's true. But he isn't completely to blame," I explain.

"Mum and Dad haven't allowed him to talk to you. They said if he doesn't speak with them then he isn't allowed to speak with either of you," Doniya says bluntly. 

The waiter comes and we order food. "He misses you both very much. Just as much as you miss him," I tell them, placing my hand on theirs again. 

"We've watched each interview and every segment regarding Zayn. You're the first girlfriend to call us," Safaa says.

"That's because this one cares," Doniya informs them. I look at her for a moment. 

"I want my big brother back," Safaa tells me.

"I brought you both," I pause, reaching into my bag, "tickets to tomorrow's show along with all access passes," I hand them the lanyards that have the information on them. 

"And how are we supposed to get there?" Waliyha asks.

"I can bring you and you guys can sleep over my house afterwards," Doniya offers. 

Safaa looks at Waliyha and then back at me. "I'll come," She says. Waliyha looks at both of her sisters and then at me. 

"I guess I'm in too," She answers. 

"You three are all very much like your brother. You try to hide your feelings," I shake my head, a smile on my face. 

"I like her," Safaa says openly to her sisters. 

"I thought the interview personality was an act," Waliyha admits. 

"Well part of it is," I tell them. "But most of it is just magnified," I add.

"Zayn loves her. You can see it in his eyes," Doniya tells them. They continue talking about me like I'm not there. 

When the food comes we all eat, chatting about Zayn. "Is he going to visit our grandmum?" Waliyha asks me unsurely.

"We're getting there," I reply. 

"I hope she doesn't go," Safaa says sadly. Doniya reaches across the table to her sister, trying to comfort her. 

After we have finished eating I pay for the meal and we give the girls a ride home. "Okay, I'll see you both tomorrow at 5pm," Doniya gives them both hugs good-bye. They wave to me. "I'm surprised you talked them into it," She tells me on the way back to the arena.

"Do you still want to adopt Kriss?" I ask her after talking about her sisters for a little while longer. 

"Yes. Of course. Josh loved her immediately and last night was wonderful with her over," Doniya answers.

"Zayn and I think that's her best option," I tell her, looking out the window. 

We get back to the arena and Zayn asks about lunch. "I talked with your sister. Big deal," I tell him honestly even though I forgot to mention which sister I spoke with. 

"You left me for lunch, and your leaving me tonight. So mean," He says pouting. 

"Boo hoo," I laugh, nonchalantly holding my side. 

"How are you going to make it up to me?" He asks.

"Gee I don't know," I shrug, laughing lightly.

"Alex," Amber's voice calls to me sharply. I look over at her. "You're sitting," She says, her eyes moving to where my hand is on my side. I drop it before Zayn realizes it. I sigh.

"I knew something was wrong. What is it Alex?" Zayn accuses me, grabbing me around the waist as if I'll fall. 

"Honestly Zayn, I'm fine. Amber is just being an overprotective sister," I tell him as he walks me over to the seat next to Amber. 

"Alex," He says seriously, sitting next to me.

"Okay fine. My side hurts. But I am okay," I admit to him grabbing his face softly with my hand. He looks away and gets up.

"Stay sitting," He says, voice completely controlled as he moves to the stage. I sigh and lean back in the chair. The boys continue running their routines and Zayn continuously messes up, but he refuses to look at me. 

"Again," I bark at them.

"Okay no," Louis snaps after doing it three times straight. The music stops. "Whatever is going on between you two, fix it. Right now," Louis growls at me and Zayn.

"What are you talking about?" Zayn asks tiredly.

"Oh come on we all know you two are in an argument. She's all bitchy and you keep messing up. So make up. We're taking five," Niall says. I raise my eyebrows at him. They all push Zayn off of the stage and towards me. Zayn sits down next to me as the boys disappear back to their fitting rooms.

"I'm upset that you're hurt. But I'm even more upset because you lied about it," He says, not looking at me.

"Zayn, you know I don't like to be looked at as weak," I sigh.

"Alex, I'm not going to look at you like you're weak," He exclaims, looking at me. I can see the hurt in his eyes. 

"Zayn, I'm sorry," I tell him.

"How bad is it?" He asks me.

"It looks a lot worse than it is," I reply.

"Let me see," He commands. I grab his hands.

"It's just going to make you more upset, trust me. I'll take it easy today, I promise," I say.

"You better keep that promise," He responds.

The boys come back in and Zayn plants a kiss on my lips to show them that we have made up. "You guys are still running it again," I tell them, sitting back in the chair. They all groan, including Zayn. 

They run it again and Zayn gets it right, glancing at me during the song. I tell them they can move on to the next song and they high five each other. The process continues for a while until they have finished running through all of the songs.

"Okay, now just a quick run through of Zayn and Alex's duet and we're done for the day," Simon says, clapping his hands as he enters.

Zayn glares down at me as I start to get up. "I think we're fine," Zayn tells Simon. Simon looks at me.

"We are prepared," I second it, even though I'd like to run through it. 

"Are you sure you don't want to run through?" Simon asks.

"We'll run through it a few times tomorrow before the show," I provide before Zayn can supply anything.

"If you think it's best..." Simon trails off. I smile, not assuring him that's what I think is best. 

"So we can go now?" Louis asks.

"Yes, you guys may go. I will see you all at 10:30am tomorrow morning," Simon says.

"You ready?" Amber asks me, hooking her arm through mine as we finish getting ready to go.

"You're kidnapping her right now?" Zayn whines.

"That's right." Amber sticks her tongue out.

"I'm right there with you mate," Harry tells Zayn. I stick my tongue out at Harry. 

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