Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.



Once inside Zayn's flat, I slip off my shoes, let my hair loose, and begin to head to Zayn's room thinking of how much I really want Zayn. Zayn locks the door behind us and takes his time behind me. Inside his room I turn my phone on silent and then sit on the edge of the bed. Zayn comes in the room and when our eyes meet I see a burning heat in his eyes that's being smoldered. I walk over to Zayn and he flips my hair behind my shoulders. 

"Wait," I tell him. He pouts slightly. "No just hold on. Two minutes." I promise him. I grab my black lace nightie and my concealer - I stopped because I realized that if Zayn saw the bruises on my midsection that he wouldn't have sex with me. I head into the bathroom and change, applying the concealer over the beginning-to-fade bruises and then pulling the lace nightie over my head. 

"Worth the wait?" I ask him, entering back in his room. His eyes darken again, but instead of anger right now I can tell that it's lust. I close the bedroom door even though we're the only ones in the loft. 

Zayn walks over to me and I pull his shirt off, throwing it across the room like last night. I unbuckle his belt once again and he Asteps out of his jeans. Without waiting for me to do anything else, he pushes me against the wall like the night before. He has my arms above my head, disenabling them, but it doesn't hurt. He also is pressed against me so once again I feel his cock on my inner thigh. 

He smashes his lips against mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth right away without asking. His tongue over wins mine for dominance. He keeps my arms up for a good two minutes and when he lets them go, holds my left shoulder and right hip against the wall. Urgently he kisses under my earlobe, down my chin line and on my neck. I let out moans after a while of trying to hold them in. The way that he's taking control turns me on and everything that he's doing is making it better. 

I bring his chin back up to meet my lips and then I jump up, wrapping my legs around his waist. His hands eagerly squeeze my bum and I smile against his lips as he lays me on the bed, hovering on top of me. I roll over and start kissing him, pulling his boxer shorts off as I kiss down his chest. As I kiss his neck, I grab his dick in my hand. He let's out a moan. I start by stroking it gently until he begs my name. I glide my hand up and down around his cock. I feel it grow tense around my hand and it becomes erect.

I move my hand to his thigh as I kiss closer down his chest towards his V line and down his happy trail. I make Zayn move to standing up and I kneel in front of him. Looking at his dick now, it's just so big. It's like 8 and a half inches long and huge. I take his dick in my mouth and suck slowly and not very hard at all. I look up to Zayn's eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure. "Alex. Please Alex," He moans. I grab his hips and start sucking a lot harder. It's difficult not to choke on his cock or bite down on it while sucking so hard.

After a couple of minutes I pull back and look up at Zayn. As he looks down on me I kiss the tip of his cock before taking it in my hand again and squeezing it as I stand up. "You," He says kissing me, "give," in between kisses he mutters, "amazing blow jobs,"

"But," He says, pushing me down on the bed again, "you are such," his fingers play at the bottom of my nightie and begin to pull up, "a god damn," he says, not even bothering to take it off but instead ripping it right in half, "tease!" He exclaims, grabbing my breasts in his hands in massaging them.

"Zayn," I gasp. He smiles at me as he moves down a little. He licks my nipple a small amount. "Zayn," I gasp louder. "Please Zayn!" I yell, he licks it again. Just when I'm about to scream in agony of waiting he starts sucking on my nipple. I struggle for breath because it feels so good. I feel his tongue playing with it in his mouth and I just want to scream with pleasure. He moves to the other breast with his mouth. This whole time he's squeezing and massaging the opposite breast with his hand.

He ends that and starts kissing up and down my chest and stomach. "Sit up," He says huskily. "Sit up bitch," He repeats. He looks up at me and his eyes were a shade of black. For a second he scares me, but I remember it's lust and not anger so I sit up.

Just like with the nightie, he plays with the edges for a moment before just ripping them to shreds. He looks up at me with the evil in his eyes. His fingers dance up and down my clit as he stares at me. "Zayn," I moan, enjoying this.

"This is only the beginning doll. When I'm done with you, you aren't going to be able to walk tomorrow," He says rubbing my mons pubis which is the top part of the female genitalia. 

"Zayn," I beg. "Please, please Zayn," I beg him. He slides a finger inside of me. I gasp. "Zayn," I cry as he moves it in and out at a painfully, painfully slow speed. 

"Who am I Alex?" He asks, sliding another finger in. I gasp again and let out a moan.

"Zayn, please no Zayn. Please," I beg, desperation ringing in my voice. He slows down even more so that it's almost not moving.

"Who am I?" He barks at me sliding a third finger in and stopping all movement.

"You're daddy!" I cry, my voice shaking. "You're d-daddy!" I exclaim. He starts moving the three fingers in and out of my vagina really fast. It starts to hurt a small amount but it's a good kind of hurt and the pleasure covers it. He slides in a fourth finger and wiggles his fingers around. "You're-e t-the o-one who wea-wears the p-pants," I stutter out as he stops movement again. He removes all of his fingers and looks down at my pussy. 

"You're cumming all over the place. Let me clean that up for you," He says, moving to the end of the bed. First he looks at me, his lips hovering less than an inch from my clit.

"Z-zayn-n," I moan, barely able to form words. 

He lowers his head and starts licking my clit. He starts licking and sucking my pussy while rubbing it too. I don't think my legs had ever been that far apart. "Zayn," I moan when he slowly let's his tongue run over my pussy. I feel myself release more cum. 

"Stop cumming," He commands as I feel it release again. I release it again. "Stop or I will start all over, making it much slower and much worse for you," He threatens. I hold it in the best I can as he sucks and licks up the fresh cum. "Babe, you are salty," He says, rubbing my clit slowly again. I feel myself release again, not having been able to stop it. "Your pussy is so beautiful," He tells me, licking it. "It's such a shame I'm going to destroy it," He says as he shoves all four fingers in me at one time without warning. Before I can let out a scream, he silences me with his lips, his tongue taking over mine with hardly a struggle from me now.

He takes out his fingers and starts to lick them clean. "You're my slut," He says in my ear. He holds his dick with one of his hands and trails it up and down my stomach taunting me.

"You're such," I gasp, "a tease," I can barely breathe.

"What are you?" He asks me.

"Zayn," I moan again.

"What the fuck are you?" He questions me. "Answer or I'll start ALL over again Alex," He says.

"I'm your slut," I whisper.

"What was that? I didn't catch that," He says evilly.

"Zayn," I moan again.

"What the fuck are YOU?" He yells.

"I'm your slut!" I exclaim.

"Damn right you are," He tells me running his dick up and down my pussy.

"Zayn! I need you," I moan.

"What?" He asks. The crave inside me is extremely strong. I have so much sexual tension because of him.

"I need you," I whisper.

"What do you need?" He asks.

"Get inside me," I tell him.

"Hmm?" He asks evenly.

"Get inside me!" I yell.

"I thought you'd never ask!" He smiles covering my mouth right before he shoves himself full force inside of me. 

Tears of pain come to my eyes, but it feels so good at the same time. Zayn leans down and kisses me, blocking my cries. He hasn't started thrusting yet, which is killing me. He looks down at me with such intensity that I want to die. "So who is daddy?" He asks me.

"You are," I moan.

"Who wears the pants in the relationship?" He questions.

"You do," I let out.

"Who won the contest at the amusement park?" He inquires.

"I did," I dare him. He holds me hips and enters me deeper. I let out a gasp, trying to catch my breath.

"I'm sorry what?" He asks.

"You cheated," I tell him. He forces his dick ALL of the way into my vagina. I move to let out a cry of pain, but he kisses, me blocking it from surfacing. 

"Who won the contest?" He repeats, pulling out completely. 

"No Zayn. Please," I beg him. "Please,"

"Who?" He shouts.

"You did! You won the contest," I yell. He forces himself all of the way inside me and I feel him in the deepest part of me. 

He starts thrusting painfully slowly, keeping his mouth on mine to silence both of our moans. I dig my nails into his back, feeling so much pain and yet so much pleasure. He starts thrusting faster and faster going in and out so fast that I'm breathless. He clasps my hips as he goes faster  and increases speed. "Zayn, I'm close. I'm gonna cum," I get out in between breaths.

"Not yet," He screams at me, increasing speed.

"Zayn. I can't hold it," I tell him, pleading.

"No. Hold it in!" He commands me.

"Zayn," I beg.

"Okay now," He says. We both climax together and the walls of my pussy open and close around his cock. He continues thrusting in and out of me, but slows down. After another minute he pulls out and collapses on the bed beside me. 

We both struggle to catch our breath. "I fucking hate you," I mutter. He pulls me against him, our naked bodies intertwined.

"Alex?" He asks me as I lay half-asleep.

"Yes Zayn?" I inquire looking up at him.

"I love you," He whispers.

"I think I love you too," I reply. He kisses my forehead and I move closer to Zayn, savoring the fact that our bodies are pressed up against each other with nothing in between. I drift off to sleep, safe in Zayn's arms, finally feeling loved.

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