Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


37. Kriss

The first thing that I do is drag Zayn to the tallest, fastest ride at the park. "Absolutely not," He says.

"Absolutely!" I argue. "I'm going on with or without you,"I tell him.

"What if I pick you up and carry you away?" He threatens.

"You won't," I reply matter of factly. 

"And why not?" He dares me.

"Because we're in public and that'd be bad publicity," I respond, sticking my tongue out. Frustrated, he trails along beside me as we get in line for the ride. 

"Can I have your autograph?" A little girl asks Zayn.

"Sure," He answers, providing a smile for her and signing a paper. 

"Can I have yours too?" She asks me.

"Um...sure I guess," I answer, taking the pen. 

"You're Alex right? What's it like being with Zayn?" She questions.

"Yes I am Alex. And being with Zayn is great. He's such a good guy," I reply.

"You guys can go in front of me," She offers. Zayn starts to move but I pull him back.

"That's okay. We'll wait our turn like normal people do," I say. Zayn leans against the railing and pulls me next to him, holding me around the waist. 

"How much do you love him?" The little girl asks me.

"I care for him very much," I respond.

"But you love him right? Love exists right?" She questions.

"Who are you here with sweetie?" I ask her. 

" one?" She answers.

"What do you mean?" Zayn inquires. 

"My um third cousin's brother dropped me here a couple days ago," She answers.

"They just left you?" I ask. She nods.

"Where are your parents?" Zayn questions.

"Dead," She responds.

"You've been here for the past couple of days?" I inquire. She nods. "How have you been eating? Where have you been sleeping?" 

"He gave me $10. I've been making it last. And wherever I can," She shrugs.

"Do you have any family?" Zayn questions. She shakes her head. "What's your name luv?" He asks.

"I'm Kristen, but you can call me Kriss," She answers, putting on a weak smile. 

"Would you like to spend the day with us?" I offer to her.

"Really?" She asks. I nod. "Sure!" She exclaims.

"Do you want to sleepover?" Zayn suggests.  I was worried about where she would sleep tonight as well, but I wasn't going to offer her to sleep at Zayn's when it isn't my offer to make. I look at Zayn and he's smiling at her.

"I couldn't do that to you," She responds.

"Please?" He asks, bending down to get eye-level with her. She looks to be about seven or eight years old, and I don't know what type of person would leave a little kid in an amusement park alone. 

"I promise I won't be a burden," She says seriously.

"Well that's quite alright," Zayn laughs, giving her a hug.

We wait in line with her and then go on the ride. I talk to her the whole time we're in line and I find out that she is 7 and a half and her birthday in in 2 weeks. Also, I find out that her mom and dad and brother died two months ago. She was kept in foster care for a month before they found the third cousins brother and stuck her with him. It was quite a sad story.

"How are you feeling?" Zayn asks me after the ride, dizzy from the roller coaster.

"I feel fine," I tell him. He wraps an arm around me on my left side and I take Kriss' hand with my right. "Roller coaster!" I exclaim, seeing the next one.

"No, Alex," He says. 

"Do you want to go on another ride?" I ask Kriss.

"It doesn't matter to me," She says quietly.

"Great. No rides now," Zayn says, closing the argument. 

"Then what are we going to do?" I ask him.

"We will go play some arcade games and I'll win you a giant teddy bear," He says.

"Does that sound good to you?" I ask Kriss. She nods and we go to an arcade booth. 

"Oh my. You're Zalex," The worker says. He looks to be in his late teens and recognized us immediately. 

"Yup. We are," Zayn answers. 

"Here, have a teddy bear Mr. Malik," The worker offers him the giant teddy bear. Zayn reaches out to grab it but I pull him back.

"What?" Zayn asks me. 

"You might get things easy because you are famous, but that isn't going to fly with me. If you want to get me the teddy bear than win it, don't just get it because you're famous," I tell him. Zayn looks at the worker and then glances back at me.

"Women," Zayn mutters to the worker as he takes the mallot and readies himself to swing it. 

"Men," I say to Kriss and she giggles. Zayn looks back at Kriss, smiles, and swings it down - it goes all of the way to the top. The worker hands Zayn the bear and Zayn passes it to me. "Thanks," I laugh, kissing his cheek quickly, but pulling back fast. 

"That's all I get?" Zayn asks. 

"You can get more some other time," I assure him. He smiles and leans down to give Kriss a high five. 

We head to the next arcade game and this time he wins a small monkey for Kriss. "Why don't you let her try?" I suggest to Zayn. "Do you want to play sweetie?" I ask Kriss.

"Sure I guess," Kriss answers. Zayn pays the worker and we stand together, watching Kriss race with a different little girl to see who can get the squirt gun to the top the fastest. Kriss wins and then suggests that Zayn and I play against each other.

"No thanks Kriss," Zayn replies to her.

"Oh, it's okay. We get it. You're scared you'll lose," I say, looking at Kriss and smiling.

"Fine. I'll play. But let's make this interesting. Loser kisses winner and winner gets to hit said loser's bum," Zayn dares.

"Deal," We shake on it and sit down. Zayn pays the worker and we start to squirt water at the target. Halfway way up as I'm winning, Zayn pushes my arm so I stop squirting for a moment. Because of that he ends up winning. 

"Cheater!" I exclaim getting up. 

"All's fair in love and war!" He argues, stepping closer. 

"Oh is that what this is?" I ask him. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me against him.

"I don't know. Is it?" He questions. "I won. Kiss me," He says.

"You cheated," I respond, but reach up on my toes and kiss him anyways. Ending the kiss, I purposely ruffle his hair.

"Hey!" He exclaims, letting go of me. "The hair is off limits!" He snaps, fixing his hair. 

"So is cheating!" I laugh. Our arguing is interrupted by giggling and we look over to see Kriss in fits of laughter while looking at us. "He, is a cheater," I say, going over to her. Zayn moves over to her too.

"I won, right Kriss?" Zayn asks her.

"No silly. You cheated which means she wins," Kriss pokes Zayn's nose.

"Ha! That means YOU kiss ME!" I exclaim. 

"I'm sorry can you repeat that?" He asks.

"Kiss me," I say quietly and seriously. He bends down and places a gentle kiss on my lips. "Okay. Now that that's over and we know I won, let's go on a roller coaster," I exclaim, taking Kriss' hand and rushing to the nearest ride before Zayn can stop me. When I get there my side is ready to kill me, but I'm not going to show Zayn that. He jumps into line with us and glares at me, holding my teddy bear and Kriss' monkey and stuffed elephant. 

"So not cool," He says. I shrug.

"You guys are funny," Kriss says giggling. Zayn gives me the stuffed prizes to hold and then scoops up Kriss in his arms. 

Zayn and Kriss carry on a fun conversation for the whole time that we're in line. When we ride the roller coaster we put Kriss in the middle of us which was against Zayn's wishes since he was scared of heights and wanted to be next to me.

After the ride we walk around for a while and buy nachos, sitting at a picnic table together and sharing the food between the three of us. The day continues with the same laughter and ease except at one point when a huge crowd of fans swarm us.

Zayn politely signs autographs as I hold Kriss' hand and the stuffed prizes. After a couple of minutes I get tired of standing here and I'm about to walk away when I remember that I had promised Zayn I would stay in his sight. 

"Zayn can we go somewhere?" I ask him, wrapping and arm around his back. 

"Sorry guys. I don't mean to be rude, but I'd like to have some alone time with my girls," Zayn tells the fans.

Eventually they leave us alone. Three rides and fried dough later, Kriss begins to get tired. "Do you want to go back to my loft now?" Zayn asks her.

"No," She answers, rubbing her eyes, "there's supposed to be a firework show," She says.

"Why don't we meet up with the boys and after the fireworks we can head home?" I suggest. 

"Sure. But we're going to watch the fireworks from the top of the Ferris Wheel," Zayn clarifies. Zayn puts Kriss to sitting on his shoulders and gives me the stuffed prizes. I call Amber and find out where the rest of them are so that we can all meet up.

As soon as Amber sees us, she gives me a questioningly to the girl sitting on Zayn's shoulders. We get closer and Zayn puts Kriss down. Kriss starts fan-girling because of all of the boys. "Boys this is our new mate." I say.

"What's your name little one?" Niall asks.

"I'm Kristen. But you can call me Kriss," She reaches out her hand to shake his. 

We start to head to the Ferris Wheel and I link arms with Amber as Zayn walks behind us, pointing the constellations out to Kriss. "So how did you meet Kriss?" Amber asks.

"We met her in the line of a ride. She's been here alone for a few days. She's an orphan and he guardian abandoned her. Plus she's so dang cute. We had to take her in," I answer her.

"Oh," Amber says with understanding. "Zayn certainly is good with her," She points out.

"I know right? It's so cute," I reply, looking back at Zayn tickling Kriss. 

"Have you been taking it easy?" Amber asks me.

"Yup," I answer.

"No," Zayn tells Amber. "All she has wanted to do was go on rides," He informs her as he puts Kriss down. Kriss moves over to me and I take her hand, smiling down at her. 

We make it to the Ferris Wheel and split up into groups to go in the cars. The car of the Ferris Wheel was completely enclosed. Zayn, Kriss and I sat on one side while Amber and Harry sat on the opposite side. Kriss sits on my lap and Zayn has an arm wrapped around us. 

Before the fireworks even start, Kriss falls asleep. "Having her is going to make it very difficult to make out at night," I say to Zayn. 

"I think we can manage it. What will be difficult though will be hiding those hickies you gave me," He whispers.

"You got those fair and square," I remind him. 

"I think I'm going to pull out the bed from the couch," He says.

"You mean to tell me that this whole time we've been squeezing on the couch when we could've pulled it out as a bed?" I ask him.

"Not that couch. The couch that's in the corner of the small television room," He says.

"Small television room?" 

"Yeah, it's right next to the bathroom," He says. 

"Oh I see. So that first night when you suggested you'd take the couch..." I trail off.

"Yup. You could've let me sleep on the couch bed," He chuckles. I hit him playfully. 

"You're so good with her," I tell him quietly, leaning my head against his shoulder. 

"I love kids," He shrugs.

"That is so hot," I reply. He laughs and kisses my forehead. We make it to the top, watch the fireworks in awe, and then head back to the lofts after making our way down.

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