Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


2. Dressing the Boys

             Before we leave the building, Amber and I get IDs that say we have all access to everything One Direction. "I'm sorry, but what are your names again?" Liam asks nicely.

            "I'm Alexandria, but most people call me Alex," I reply.

            "And I'm Amber, but most people call me Amber," She answers and we silently laugh as the boys let out chuckles all around.

            "How much is this paying again?" I complain.

            "A lot," She whispers. We all pile into a black van with tinted windows. The boys drive to a building not far from the one we were originally at. This building is two story with a silver outside and many windows on the bottom floor, with a few on the top. It looks very high tech and VERY expensive.

           "And what exactly is in this building?" I ask them.

           "Well, a lot of things actually doll. There are some recording booths, dressing rooms, and conference rooms where we do the most of our interviews," Zayn answers me, looking me up and down. I turn away from him and his gaze; suddenly I'm very uncomfortable.

            "Don't forget that there is a giant kitchen that is always stocked with Nandos!" Niall chimes in. 

            Amber laughs, but I just smile awkwardly. I have no intention of getting close to these boys; I only want to do my job so that I can get my paycheck and live my life. "What's wrong? That was funny," Liam whispers to me, nudging me with his elbow. I flinch from his touch and take a step to the side.

             "I don't know anything about you so how would I understand the joke?" I answer skillfully.

             "You probably shouldn't have said that," Louis tells me. Within the next second they are all reciting facts about themselves to me as they lead Amber and I to the dressing rooms. We enter the dressing room and as soon as the door is closed they all begin to strip. 

             "What are you doing?!" Amber and I exclaim.

             "Undressing so that you can give us new clothes. Duh," Harry says and pulls down his khakis and boxer shorts. My hand flies up to my eyes. 

             "Harry Edward Styles!" I warn him. I reach over to a bureau and open the top drawer. I pull out plaid boxer shorts and throw them at him. "I did NOT need to see that!" I snap once he has put the new boxer shorts on. The rest of the guys still have their pants on, but are shirtless. I refuse to let my eyes wander as Amber and I pick out outfits. We hand them out and everyone seems satisfied with their look except for Zayn.

               I gave him a blue V neck, but after putting it on and making a very unattractive face in the mirror, he pulls it off and throws it at me. I try a striped purple shirt and a white shirt, but he denied both. Amber takes the other boys to the kitchen to grab some food before going to one of the conference rooms for the interview. "Well then you pick your bloody shirt!" I practically yell at Zayn, on the verge of losing my self-control.

               "Look at me. Think about what type of shirt I would prefer to wear," He exclaims, moving close to me so that we are less than a foot apart. I sigh and step back, grabbing a dark grey V neck shirt and a black leather jacket. He puts them on and looks critically in the mirror. At last he says, "We match," with a smile.

               "What do you mean?" I ask.

               "You are wearing black skinny jeans, Vans, a blue shirt and a leather jacket. We are both wearing a lot of black," He points out triumphantly.

               "Is that supposed to mean anything to me?" I question, beginning to refold all of the rejected clothes.

               "We have the same style...remember that when you're dressing me," He winks, lacing his shoes.

               "Whatever. Come on,  we have to get you to that interview," I tell him, already standing by the door. He stands up and a smirk spreads across his face. I walk over to him and grab his arm, pulling him out of the room.

               "I wonder what else we have in common," He laughs as we make our way to the conference room.

               "A minute to spare my dear sister," Amber high fives me. We exchange a secret smile, but when I see Zayn looking at me from the corner of my eye I shake my head and leave the room. Dressing the boys was only one part of our job - now for the others.



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