Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


34. Day Off

In the morning I wake up and try to shift, only to realize that Zayn's arms are wrapped around me like steel gates. Gently, I unwrap his arms from around me and climb off of him, trying not to wake him.  I look down at him and giggle to myself, seeing two hickies on his chest from last night. 

I pull on one of his jumpers over my head, noticing I have my own purple bruise on my collarbone. I head out to his kitchen to start making breakfast. I cook some eggs that are scrambled and begin to cook some bacon. I don't even realize it, but I'm singing while I'm cooking - and I just happen to be singing the same song that the boys have heard.

"Holy shit, it's you?" Zayn's voice comes from the hall. I immediately stop singing and I feel my cheeks redden as he comes into sight. I look down at the bacon in front of me. "It's you?" He asks again, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Guess there's no denying it now," I sigh.

"Why are you so shy? You're an amazing singer," He says. I turn to face him and he rests his forehead on mine. 

"That's what people tell me," I say shyly. 

"It's true," He tells me.

"We aren't talking about this. And no more bothering me about singing," I narrow my eyes at him. He sighs, but agrees. He places his hands on my bum and presses me against him. I wrap my arms around his neck. "Don't get used to putting your hands there," I mumble as I reach up on my tip toes to kiss him. 

Suddenly the door to his loft is burst open. Both of our heads turn and Zayn's arms tense around me. In the doorway we see all of the boys standing there, Amber on Harry's back. "We heard singing," They all say together. Then they see how we are standing and what we are wearing.

"Good morning to you too," I say, removing Zayn's hands from my bum and moving to stand in front of him, still blocking the hickies from their view. 

"Where was the singing from?" Liam asks eagerly. 

"She decided to sing while making breakfast," Zayn says and I elbow him. He pinches my ass and I jump.

"You're going to get slapped in a minute," I tell him, eyes narrowed. 

"You're the singer?" Louis asks, his jaw fallen slack.

"Yea," I say looking around the room.

"What can't she do?" Niall questions Zayn. 

"I don't even know," Zayn answers. "But would you mind leaving us alone? We aren't exactly dressed for company," He says awkwardly.

"Right... sorry," Liam apologizes. Amber winks at me before they leave.

Zayn puts the food on plates and brings it to the table. I take off his sweatshirt, hot now. "Did I tell you how sexy you look in that night gown?" Zayn asks, staring at me.

"Did I tell you I was going to slap you?" I question, narrowing my eyes at him.

My phone interrupts our staring contest and I answer it to find Simon on the other end. "Turn on the news. The boys, you, and Amber need to be at the Main Center in one hour. No exceptions," Simon's voice says frantically.

My expression worried, I turn on the news. A photo of Harry walking with Amber in the street while holding hands pops up. Next to it a photo of me and Zayn feeding each other cheesecake pops up. "Do the boys know this girl is dating them both? Who will she pick? Will it break up the group?" The reporter asks excitedly in the microphone.

"Get changed. Now," I command Zayn, throwing the hoodie back on my head. I race downstairs one flight to Harry's flat where everyone is. "All of you. Be ready to leave in twenty minutes." I tell them, and I make sure they all rush to their lofts.

i head back up to Zayn's and start changing myself. Luckily I'm wearing a regular T-shirt today so it covers the hickey. I have a black T-shirt, grey jeans, my Doc Martens, and a silver scarf on - I look kick-ass. 

I rush the boys into getting ready and give Amber an explanation of what is happening. I only have a moment to enjoy the fact that Amber and I are wearing the opposite of each other's outfits - she's wearing black jeans, a grey shirt, a black scarf, and grey sandals. 

We both have our hair down and only a touch of liner on. You can definitely tell we are twins. We usher the boys into the back of the van and hurry to the Main Center. Once there, Amber and I make different variations of black, grey and white outfits for the boys.

We make it upstairs to the interview room with five minutes to spare. Simon tells us to tell the press the truth - that Amber is with Harry and I am with Zayn. The interview begins with the boys on the set with the hostess and Amber and I off to the side. 

"So what's the truth that everyone wants to hear? Is this going to break up the group?"  The hostess asks.

"Actually no. I think it's making the group stronger in fact," Louis answers.

"Well who has she chosen?" The hostess asks. I walk on the set and sit next to Zayn.

"I choose Zayn," I say.

"And I choose Harry," Amber says, walking on and sitting next to Harry. 

"Oh. There's two of you?" The hostess asks.

"Yes. We're twins," Amber and i say simultaneously. 

"And what are your names?" She asks.

"I'm Alex," I say

"And I'm Amber,"

The hostess asks the boys how long we've been together and the boys answer a lie saying just over two weeks when in truth we've only known them for about one week. The interview continues until everything is straightened out.

"So," The hostess turns to me.

I smile politely. "I guess it's no shock that you're Zayn's mystery girl from the concert considering that you two are a couple," She says. "So what is like kissing your boyfriend in front of thousands of people?" She asks.

"Actually, originally Alex wasn't su-"Zayn begins to tell the hostess.

"Sorry Zayn, but can we hear Alex answer?" The hostess asks firmly, but politely, cutting him off. He goes silent and just looks at me.

"Well it's definitely nerve racking," I laugh lightly. I'm good at pretending things don't bother me, so I'm using that quality to my advantage. The hostess smiles widely at me. "I mean, I knew everyone would see, and Mr. Cowell said that everyone would want us to kiss, but when it was actually happening my nerves were out of control. The only thing that saved me was remembering that it was Zayn's arms I was in," I answer all lovey dovey. 

"Aw isn't that cute," The hostess says as Zayn pulls me closer against him. "You addressed Simon Cowell as Mr. Cowell. You must have great respect for him," The hostess points out.

"Mr. Cowell is a very successful person and I do have great respect for him. He is also magnificently entertaining on American Idol," I laugh.

"Now Zayn, what were you saying before?" The hostess turns to him.

"Actually, Alex wasn't originally my dance partner in the finale dance," Zayn tells her.

"How did you feel about that?" The hostess asks me.

"Well, when it was announced that the original dancer and Zayn were going to kiss at the end, I wasn't very thrilled. I knew how it would look from the audience and it's safe to say I was jealous. But I had some input in the actual dance so it wasn't too bad," I tell her honestly. I feel Zayn's eyes on me at the admission of my jealousy. 

"Why did you end up doing the dance?" The hostess asks.

"The female dancer broke her ankle right before the show," Niall answers.

"Oh my. Is she okay?" The hostess asks. Niall nods. "You have to have picked up the dance moves fairly quickly then, since you had to learn the dance right before the show," She turns back to me.

"Well I had seen the boys do the dance with the female dancers before, so it wasn't completely knew to me." I answer politely. I didn't want to let her know that Amber and I worked for the boys because it would make the whole situation worse, but I didn't want to lie either. 

We chat a little more, most of her questions aimed at Amber and I at this point. Amber and I answer easily to each question, being polite and adding humor. "And before we leave, can we see a little action with you and Zayn?" The hostess asks.

"I don't think it's a good time for that," Zayn answers. 

"Oh come on Zayn. Half of the world has already seen you two kiss already," She says. 

"I really must decline. I apologize," Zayn responds. All of the boys get up, backing him up. 

"Well it was worth a try," The hostess laughs. "Well I'm Kristy Cook and this has been your Up2Date with 1D. Have a good day," She signs out.

We politely say goodbye to the hostess and head off of the set. "So you were jealous huh?" Zayn asks me, holding me against him. 

"Maybe, maybe not," I say pulling away, aware of how inappropriate this must appear to the other boys. Zayn keeps his hand on my waist, still holding me against him, but now I'm standing next to him instead of in front of him. 

"Alex! I must say I was worried about some of your answers, but you did wonderfully! They loved you!" Simon exclaims, coming into view. He pulls me into a bear hug, separating me from Zayn. 

"Thanks. I was really nervous that I would say the wrong thing," I tell him.

"You didn't. Zayn began to ruin it by saying you weren't supposed to dance with them, but I think you saved it pretty well," Simon responds. 

"Thank you," I reply.

"Okay. Now you boys have two options. We have to do a bathing suit shoot. Originally it was scheduled for tomorrow and I can keep it there, or you guys can do it today and just have tomorrow off," Simon says. My thoughts immediately go to the hickies on Zayn's chest. I can tell that's where his thoughts are too by the way his eyes widen.

The boys outvote Zayn by saying to just do it today. Simon instructs Amber and I to go pick out swim suits for them and have them back up here in thirty minutes. We head downstairs, Zayn and I worrying the whole way down.

Amber and I give out swim trunks to the boys and I grab some concealer from the makeup section. I move to Zayn's dressing room and boy am I lucky I was looking up because to my surprise when I enter, he had removed his boxer shorts, but hadn't put on his swim trunks yet. "Couldn't stay away huh?" He chuckles, grabbing my hand. I pull it away and wait for him to pull on the trunks. Once he does I go to work concealing the hickies that are on his chest. 

"Okay, you can't notice them now," I say.


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