Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


6. Clubbing Ruined By The Past

"Come in," Simon's voice comes from the other side of the door. I slowly open the door and step inside. 

"The security system is updated and we sent you a list of new codes, but they are for your eyes only and so as not to risk it I need to enter a few additional passwords," I inform him. He pushes his rolling chair back so that I can get to the computer. "Be careful if you ever need to access or change the information and security codes. We added a virus that will shut down your hard drive and wipe it out completely if you make the wrong mistake," I explain as I open the e-mail with pass codes, letters, numbers, and a link. 

He watches silently as I pull everything up in less then a minute. "Your fingers certainly move across the keyboard quickly," He laughs. I set up the pass-codes to save and he types in a name for them. 

Amber enters the room and smiles. "Did you give him the passwords?" She asks me.

"Yes I did," I answer her while looking at Simon. 

"Very well ladies. You two did a good job today and work very efficiently. I'm just going to double-check with the boys to make sure that you are a good fit for our team. See you ladies tomorrow," He smiles. 

"Yes Mr. Cowell," We say simultaneously.

"Sorry. Yes Simon," I correct us. We say good-byes and then politely leave the room. As soon as we are out of sight I turn my back to Amber and ignore her.

"I can't wait to go out tonight! Can't you?" She asks me. I don't say a word as we exit the building and climb into my car. "What are we going to wear?" She questions. Then she elbows me.

"Just stop Amber," I snap at her. She goes silent. I speed back to our flat and storm inside of the house. "You just don't get it do you? I said I didn't want to! And then you told the boys and the only reason I am going now is because they pressured me into it! So I guess you could say that I'm pissed off!" I yell at her, rushing into my room and slamming the door shut. 

I throw myself on the bed and sigh. My mobile buzzes and I pick it up to look at.

From: Zayn Malik

To: Alex White

Dorothy's club at 8pm. C U there

I sigh again. Eight o'clock is about an hour from now. I hop into the shower and relax my muscles. When I come out I let my hair go wild with its curls and put on some make up. I slip into my standard outfit that I was wearing before except I slip on a pair of black stilettos. To complete my outfit I put in silver hoops and slip on a heart necklace. 

I leave my room. "I'm still angry with you," I growl at Amber when I get to the kitchen. Luckily, Dorothy's club is one of the clubs in walking distance of our flat so we take off walking with just our mobiles and money. 

"I'm sorry Alex. I wasn't thinking," I can tell she's upset with herself.

"You better be somewhat sober because I'm getting drunk." I inform her as we enter the club and head straight for the bar. I order two shots right off of the bat and let the liquor slide down my throat.

Then I head over to where Amber disappeared to - I see her sitting at one of the big tables and the boys are sitting there with her along with two other girls. "Hey boys," I say, flipping my hair over one shoulder.

"Hello luv," Harry replies.

"Hi doll," Zayn smiles. I sigh.

"Alex this is my girlfriend Eleanor," Louis introduces me to the perky brunette. Liam introduces me to the other brunette named Danielle, who happens to be his girlfriend. The boys order a round of draft beers and we sit around talking.

"I think I'm going to go dance," I announce when I'm done with my bottle. I slide the beer bottle to the middle of the table and slip out of the booth. I make my way over to the dance floor and join all of the people who are grinding. 

I dance with some random good-looking guy who doesn't bother talking to me. I smile at him, he smiles at me, we dance together - it works. After a while though he starts to get handsy. I move his hands away, but then he grabs my arms in his hard. I can't break free of his grasp. "Let me go," I yell.

"Come on babe. We're just starting," He whispers, smashing his lips against mine as I struggle to get away. I manage to get one hand free and slap him. He grips the other one harder as he begins to pull me away. I look towards the table for help but it's blocked by everyone. He forcefully drags me out of the club and towards an alley. "You shouldn't have done that," He growls as soon as we get out. He pushes me against the wall and smashes his lips against mine again. 

"Get off of me!" I yell. 

"You don't recognize me do you?" He asks, pulling back slightly but still holding my arms against my sides so I can't move. I take a long look at him and gasp.

"Jeremy," I whisper. Jeremy's my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me and that I loved. I hated him now - and this wasn't helping.

He grins and moves closer to kiss me again, but suddenly he is being yanked off of me. I look to see who pulled him off and see Zayn and Jeremy fighting. "She's mine," Jeremy growls at Zayn.

"She doesn't belong to anyone. How dare you disrespect a lady like that?" Zayn snaps, punching Jeremy in the face and tripping him. Jeremy punches Zayn's arm and then Zayn kicks Jeremy where it hurts. Jeremy drops for a second and Zayn looks at me but then Jeremy punches Zayn's stomach with a lot of force and winks at me. 

"We're done when I say we're done," Jeremy whispers, taking off running through the alleys. 

I hold back the tears forming in my eyes and help Zayn up. "Are you okay?" I ask him, wrapping an arm around my neck.

"I can ask you the same question. Who is that guy?" Zayn questions as I walk him back up towards the street. 

"I'm fine. He's someone from my past. Here, sit down," I help him sit on a bench. I lift up Zayn's shirt and see the beginning of a bruise forming on his stomach. "I'm so sorry," I whisper.

"It's okay. Doesn't hurt that badly - just a bruise," He responds. "How about you?" He asks, taking my hands gently in his to examine my wrists. They are red and have the beginning of bruises forming on them too, but don't hurt anymore. 

"I'll live. Maybe we should call it a night," I sigh. He nods in agreement and we get up. "How'd you know where I was?" I ask him.

"I was...watching you dance from the bar and saw when he grabbed you. I'm sorry I didn't get there faster," He apologizes. 

"It's okay," I reply, even though I want to die inside. I thought I was done with Jeremy. Now he wants me back or something. And he must be back into drinking again because he was only like this when he was drunk - Jeremy was an alcoholic. 

Amber sees me and can instantly tell that something is wrong. "What happened?" She questions.

"Jeremy. Back. Alcohol." I breathe. Her eyes widen in understanding as Zayn's narrow in confusion. 

"We need to go," She announces.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I ask Zayn.

"Yes. I'm fine. I'm worried about you," He insists. He explains to the boys what happened and they all look at me. 

"Can we just not talk about it? See you at work tomorrow. Ten am," I snap, walking away. Amber and I go home and I break down crying, telling her everything in detail from the pain in my arms to the disgusting feeling of his lips on mine. We fall asleep together on the couch.

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