Rebellious, Beautiful, and Insecure

Alex and Amber are sisters. They are twins actually, Alex being twenty minutes older. Amber is always going, going, going with boys. But Alex rarely even goes on dates - and for a reason. The two sisters get jobs working for One Direction and the boys are quick to fall for them. Will Alex let her guard down and fall for the boy? Or will her past keep her from ever finding love? Travel along these girls' journey as teenagers, getting caught in fame, mystery, and intensity.


30. Beginning of the Day

The day goes by pretty quickly. The standard "boys argue about their outfits" goes on again. The interview goes smoothly, except for the fact that the reporter asks about me again like the reporter from yesterday did too. Once again, the boys answer nothing specifically - although it doesn't help that Zayn is staring at me from the set. 

"I'm going to check out the recording studio, make sure everything will be set up for them," I tell Amber. She nods so I head off to the floor above us where the different recording booths are. No one is up there, but the booth is turned on. 

I bite my lip, debating going inside and singing. I hear someone enter the room behind me and see Simon there. "Has your mate decided if she wants the record deal?" He asks me.

"Umm...she's kind of shy in front of people when it comes to singing," I answer him, looking down at the soundboard.

"Hmm... hey if you always keep your computer on you then where is it?" He questions.

"It's in the bag that Amber is holding downstairs, why?" I inquire.

"What made you get into hacking?" He asks.

"We just thought it was something cool when we started, and then we got more into it and figured out we could do more with it." I answer, figuring out what each button on the board means.

"Well you both are very good at it. And the boys have definitely taken a liking to you," He tells me.

"Thanks. Sometimes it's hard to keep Zayn on work though," I respond.

"When Zayn feels something, he completely feels it. There's no stopping that emotion of his," He says.

"Yea. I've seen happy, mad, enraged, protective and others," I reply.

"What happened last night?" He asks.

"The guy from outside of the boys lofts, the one that Zayn got into a fight with showed up last night and Zayn wasn't too happy about it," I answer.

"I see. We'll be sure to keep him away,"

"Well I'm going to go back to the boys," I say.

"Oh. That reminds me. The recorder won't be here until 15:30 now so the boys can all take a full lunch break," He replies. 

"Great. Thanks Simon," I respond politely.

I go back down to the boys and I see Zayn running. "What's your rush?" I ask him. 

"Um...let's go this way," He says, pulling me with him away from the interview room. 

"Well now I want to go this way," I argue, heading back to where the other boys were. Zayn follows defeated, and grabs my hand. "What are you doing? We're at work," I say the last part quietly although I don't pull my hand away.

When we enter the room I see a girl standing with the rest of the boys and Amber. She doesn't see me or Zayn yet. "Where'd my luv go?" She asks. I look at Zayn and he face palms. 

She turns and looks at us, her eyes automatically going to the place where our hands are interlocked. "Hello. Who are you?" She questions me.

"I work with the boys," I answer.

"She's also my girlfriend," Zayn puts in. The girl looks between me and Amber with confusion.

"Who might you be?" I ask.

"I'm Perrie," She replies.

"Well Perrie, I'm sorry but the boys are working right now. And since you aren't with any of the boys, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," I tell her, not afraid of being snobby. I see Zayn smirk from the corner of my eyes but I ignore it and look at Perrie.

"Zayn?" She asks, not believing it.

"Goodbye," I smile, waving to her.

She walks right in front of Zayn. "You have my number. I'll expect a call," She says to him.

"I wouldn't," I tell her, enjoying this way too much. She mumbles something under her breath and trudges out of the room. "Too much?" I ask mber who is laughing hysterically.

"Just enough," She answers.

"Then let's go to lunch!" I exclaim.

"YAY!" Niall yells and we all burst into more fits of laughter. 

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