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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


3. Whitney and Niall<3

You and Niall are celebrating your 6 month anniversary tonight and he's taking you to a very fancy Italian restaurant. You are decked out in a mid-thigh length black sparkly dress that is long sleeved and has a scoop neck line. You pair it with red high heels and a locket Niall bought you on your 3 month anniversary. Your long dark hair is curled slightly at the bottom and pinned to one side. Eleanor and Perrie just left from doing your make-up and hair. They did a smokey eye which made your blue eyes pop even with your glasses on. You just finish slipping on your heals when you hear the door bell ring.

You rush down stair and open the door to see the perfect that is you boyfriend standing there in a dashing suit and 12 red roses. He looks you up and down, taking you all in, before saying,"Whitney you look absolutely stunning." You blush, thank him, and take the flower and set them on the counter and you're off the the restaurant. On the drive there Niall holds tight to your hand, as he always does, and sings all your favorite songs to you. 

When you finally arrive to the restaurant the hostess escorts you to your private table and Niall is quick to scan the menu. "Hi, my name is Tyler and I'll be your waiter this evening can I start you off with...OHMYGOSH Whit? Is that you??" 

You look up from your menu and your eyes meet your waiter and your ex-boyfriend, Tyler. "Yes! Wow Tyler, I feel like its been forever!" You say to him as you stand up and give him a big hug. At this point Niall's eyes fill with envy. You and Tyler caught up for a little until Niall butted in,"Excuse me, I'd like to order my drink now." He practically yelled at Tyler. Tyler took our order and as soon as he walked away you asked Niall,"What in the world was that about?! You didn't have to be so rude!"

"Seriously Whitney!? You two were practically on your own date right in front of me?" Niall snapped back at you.

"Why would you say that??? We are just old friends, yeah we dated for like a month, but he was one of my best friends and nothing more!" You stated back to him.

"Save it! I saw the way you were looking at each other! Here! I'll make it easier for you, how about I leave and you can go on this date with him??" Niall yelled back to you.

Those words hit you hard and tears started flowing down your cheeks. Without thinking you got up and ran out of the restaurant and back to your flat. You slammed your door and bolted up to your room, collapsing on your bed and sobbing. You couldn't believe Niall, the boy you loved, said all of those hurtful things to you. 

15 minutes later you heard a knock on the door and assumed it was Niall. You walked slowly down stairs without bothering to fix your now runny make up. You opened the door and saw Niall standing there, hands in his pockets. "Babe, I am so sorry for doing that-" He started to say but you cut him off by saying,"Save it! Don't bothering trying to see me ever again!" You slammed the door in his face.


One Week Later:

It's been a full 7 days since you've seen Niall. He's tried to contact you anyway possible, but you've tried being strong and ignored all of the texts and calls. You've spent most your days inside wearing yoga pants, Niall's sweatshirt, and not bothering with your hair make up. One night you ordered Chinese food for delivery. You hear the door bell, hop of the couch, grab your wallet, and open the door. But, instead of a delivery boy you see Niall. You try your hardest to close the door as fast as you can but he sticks his foot inside and stops it. You slowly back away from the door, too shocked to react. Niall makes his way towards you and pulls you in for the famous Horan hug you've missed terribly. You start to cry into his chest.

"Shhhh baby, Whitney, it's okay, I'm here and I am so sorry for being so rude to you." He softly says soflty into your hair while kissing it. You look up at his sincere, blue eyes and know he's telling the truth. "Take me back?" He asks while tucking your long hair behind your ear. You nod and smile as he smiles back at you and kisses you gently. 

"Never leave again, I love you too much" You say to him. He nods and kisses you again. "I love you more." Niall answers. 

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