One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


34. Sofia and Niall<3

You looked at yourself in the mirror for the 100th time to make sure you look good. Today was the day you got the chance to interview One Direction at the radio station you worked at so your outfit,hair,and make up had to look perfect.You decided to wear your dark brown hair down and curly and do some extra work on your make up. Your outfit consisted of dark skinny jeans,a simple cream color loose fit tank top,and lace flats. You fixed your hair before heading off to the radio station.

You nervously sat bouncing your leg waiting for your 5 idols to walk through the door. You turned when you saw the door fly open and One Direction walk in. They all were nice and greeted you with a hug but Niall added in a kiss on the cheek. This made you blush, you always like Niall the best. The interview went smoothly and sometimes you even caught Niall staring at you but you always looked down because you were pretty shy. During the interview you asked Niall a question but he didn't answer right away,he was just looking into your eyes. It was silent for about a minute before Louis smacked him and told him to pay attention. 

After the interview you said bye to the boys and were walking down the hallway to your office when you felt someone gently grab your wrist. You turned around and saw the blue eyes of Niall staring at you. "Hi, Sofie...isn't it?" he asked you with a smile. You were in awe so all you could do was nod. "You were really great in there. Um, I don't know if this is too forward but would you like to have dinner with me,tonight. I could pick you up after work?" Niall asks still holding your wrist. You smile,"yeah,I'd really like that," you say as you blush and look at the floor. Niall softly places his finger under your chin and lifts it. He stares into your eyes and looks at your lips. You breathing gets fast as he starts to lean in closer. "May I?"Niall asks,just centimeters from your lips. You just nod and he gives you a kiss. As he pulls away he whispers,"see you tonight," before walking away. 

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