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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


40. Sibel and Zayn<3

Zayn's POV

As I watched my loving girlfriend sleep so peacefully I couldn't believe I was leaving her in just a few hours. It was 4am and I knew how much she hated waking up early but we had to get ready to go to the airport soon. 

"Babe,"I whispered to her while lightly moving her long curls out of her face. No movement. 

"Sibel,"I said again,a little louder while shaking her shoulder. She let our small groan and moved a little under my touch. She opened her beautifully colored eyes a little. 

"Time to wake uppppp,"I sang to her. She just shook her head and shut her eyes. But I knew exactly how to wake her up

Sibel's POV

You closed your eyes due to the fact that it was way too early. You felt Zayn move closer and felt his lips on your neck. You shook him off and turned to the other side you your back was to him. You felt his hand being placed on your hip and slid down your leg.

"Baby,"Zayn whispered in your ear,"it's time to get up." You let out a big sigh and turned to face him again.

"But I don't want you to go,"you said with a frown. 

I know,"Zayn said back while tucking your long hair behind your ear, "I don't either." He kissed your forehead before getting out of bed. 

You and the rest of the boys arrived at the airport around 5am. Everyone was saying their goodbyes and it was finally time for you and Zayn to. You stayed with your arms crosse and your eyes glued to your shoes in fear that you'll loose it if you look into those brown eyes of his. You see is shoes come across from yours and his finger lifts your chin up. Your watery eyes meet his loving ones and he give you a big hug. You snuggled your head in his chest and inhaled his perfect sent for the last time for 4 months.

"I'll miss you so much,"Zayn whispered to you and he pulled away and placed his hands on your cheeks.

"I'll miss you too,"you said back. He leaned down and gave a sweet,passionate kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck,never wanting to let go. 

"I'll see you soon,baby,"he said before grabbing your hand and walking backwards until your hands were no longer connected.

You turned around and went with the rest of the girls back to the car. 



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