One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


37. Sarah and Harry<3

You were waiting for Harry and the rest of the boys to finish a meet and greet. You got a little bored so you decided to just wait on the side. A cute mall worker came up and started talking to you. You were a shameless flirt and were just naturally friendly to anyone who talked to you. Harry wasn't the biggest fan of this trait but it was who you were. You looked over at Harry who was glaring at the worker. You just smirked. He was just so hot when he got jealous. The guy had to go so you waved goodbye to him. The boys were just about to leave so you waited for Harry behind the stage. As you saw him you were going to say hi but he quickly pulled you off into hallway where the boys entered.

"Well hello to you too,"you smirked at him flipping your blonde hair over your shoulder. Harry's green eyes were filled with dark jealously.

"What were you and that guy talking about,Sarah?"he asked you in a low husky voice.

 "Nobody special,we were just talking,"you replied back while leaning against the wall. Your guilty pleasure was making Harry a little jealous."Why do you ask?Were you getting a little jealous?"

"What's mine,is mine,"he growled at you while stepping closer putting his hands on your hips. You bit your lip and Harry said,"you drive me crazy."

"That's my job,"you respond back. Harry steps even closer so that your bodies are pressed together. He then kissed you,passionately.You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him as close as possible.

You slowly pull away and keep your hands on his neck,"I'm yours,"you whisper before placing your forehead on his."

Harry gives you a smirk,"always."

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