One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


15. Olivia and Louis<3

You and Louis have been in Tahiti for 2 days now on your honeymoon and it has been perfect with your new husband. You woke up in the king size bed and the first thing you hear is the sound of the ocean from you beach side villa. You slowly open your eyes but your loving husband is nowhere to be found. You roll out of bed and look at yourself in the mirror before going to find Louis. It's so warm in Tahiti all you have to wear is a tank top and short shorts. You pull your dirty blonde hair in a high pony tail and walk out on the pier outside your room that is right on the ocean. You see the perfectly toned back of Louis standing looking over the ocean. You sneak up behind him and wrap your arms around his torso and place your cheek on is back. "Hello my beautiful Olivia," he laughs and turns to face you. "And hello to you my handsome husband," you reply back to him a smile. "You just love calling me your husband don't you, love? I don't think I've heard you call me Louis this whole trip," he says to you with a laugh. You shrug and respond,"it just never gets old." 

He laughs at you again before cupping your face and his hands and connecting his lips to yours. He pulls you closer as you wrap your arms around his neck and his tongue skims your lower lip asking for entrance. You accept and your tongues fight for dominance. Louis bends down a little and grabs your ass signaling for you to jump. You oblige and wrap your legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss once. He walks back into your room with his arms secured under your bum. He starts kissing your neck leaving love bites as he lays you on the bed. Louis hovers over you as he trails kisses down your neck to your collar bone as you run his fingers thorough is hair. He starts to play with the hem of your shirt as he slowly pulls it off and throws it off the bed. He starts to kiss your neck again trying to find your sweet spot. He finally finds it and you let out a soft moan. Louis smiles into your neck and says, "found it." Before biting it, leaving his mark making you moan even more and tilt your head back. Louis smashes his lips into yours almost violently. His hands trail down your waist and start to remove your shorts, when he succeeds he adds them to the pile. 

You decide  it's your turn to please him so you flip over so you're straddling him. You leave a kiss on his lips before leaving a trail of kisses down his neck to his chest. As you do so you remove his board shirts and toss them aside. You go back to kissing his neck, you already know where his sweet spot is, right under is left ear. As you begin to suck on it he moans,"Mmmm Liv." You smile and give it a little love bite. 

After you two made love you are tangled up in bed. Louis plays with your hair as you trace patterns on his chest. "Olivia, I love you," Louis says while kissing your hair. "I love you,too," you say back to him while kissing his chest. 

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