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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


44. Miray and Louis<3

"Stop fidgeting!" you yell at your best friend,"you're going to do great." 

"I can't help it,Miray! It's the X-Factore! In the next few months I could be a famous singer!" Louis yelled back.

"Promise you won't forget about me?"you said to him while looking into his gorgeous eyes. 

"I promise,"he reassured you. "There's actually something I wanted to tell you before I go on." Louis told you while blushing and playing with his shirt.  

"What is it?" you asked confused as you moved your dark hair to one side.

"We've been best friends for years now and,I don't know about you,but I've always thought we've had a special connection,"he said to you,then looked into your eyes. You blushed fiercely. You've always had a crush on Louis but never thought he didn't feel the same.

"You're on in 1 minute,"a worker said to Louis.

"Louis,I-"you began to say before you were cut off with his lips on yours. 

"Good luck,"you said softly to him.

"I have all the luck I need,"Louis responded before heading to stage. And that was one of the last time you heard for Louis

3 Years Later

"Miray pleaseeeee go with me!' your best friend Amanda asked.

"NO WAY!" you yelled for the 100th time. She was trying to convince you to go to the One Direction concert tonight. She just won 2 front row tickets and backstage passes. After Louis's tour he completely cut you out of his life, with no reason. You've boycotted them ever since. She's been nagging you for hours.

"Miray please!" Amanda begged.

"Ugh FINE!" you finally gave in.

You two are escorted back stage and you heart was racing. You were bound to run into Louis and you already knew how pissed off you'd be at him. You two were lead to the green room where you saw all the boys. You stayed a little behind Amanda, praying he wouldn't recognize you. 

"Miray?" Louis asked and you looked up. His hair was styled differently but he still looked irresistible and his eyes were still beautiful. 

"Yeah hi,"you said bluntly to him.

"This is the Miray you wouldn't shut up about for years,Lou?"Harry asked him while slapping his back.

"Can I talk to you?" Louis asking while taking your hand and leading you out into the hallway. 

"What is you,"you asked sternly while crossing your arms and leaning against the wall. 

"I just wanted to apologize for just deserting you after my audition years ago,"Louis began to explain,"life got super busy and in the way. I feel horrible about it Miray and it kills me everyday. Can we please start off where we left off?"

You sighed and looked into those eyes you loved and melted. "I guess,"you said,trying not to sound so eager. "And where exactly did we leave off?"you asked.

"Hmmm,I think it was about here,"Louis stepped closer to you and placed his hand on your cheek and connected his lips to yours. You felt the same electrify from 3 years ago. 

"I've missed you so much,"Louis admitted while placing his forehead against yours.

"I've missed you,"you said back while giving you a small peck. 


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