One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


50. Maddy and Liam<3

"Come on Maddy just go up there!"your best friend pushes you,"have you a lovely voice!" 

You roll your eyes and gather up the courage to sing ONE song at this karaoke bar. You flip through the selection and finally decide to sing Ain't No Other Man. You shyly stand up on stage,all eyes on you,and the music starts.

Liam's POV

She is gorgeous...breathtaking even. Her long blonde hair falls softly behind her back and those beautiful green eyes look nervous but so kind. As she takes a deep breath and her voice fills the room I can't help but to just stare. She is perfection. Her voice is soulful but still delicate. I had to meet her. 

You're POV

You finish the song and everyone claps and cheers because they loved it. You couldn't help but notice the brown haired boy sitting in the front row could not keep his eyes off you. You'd look his direction every so ofter only to look somewhere else and blush. As you walk down the stage you feel a gentle pull on your arm. You turn and see the boy from the front row.

"You were amazing up there,"he compliments you while nervously adjusting his snapback.

"Thanks,"you respond,"I'm Maddy." 

"Liam,"he smiles and his brown eyes light up,"can I interest you in a drink?" Liam asks signaling over to the practically empty bar area. You just nod and walk over and take a seat.

You and Liam spend hours talking and laughing. You check you're phone and it's already 1am. You've completely forgotten about your best friend and look around for her.

"Loose someone?"Liam questions. 

"No,I'm just looking for-oh never mind found her,"I giggle pointing to her and a blonde boy she's chatting with.

"Ah your best friend is talking to mine I see,"Liam points out,"I should probably get going actually". You nod and bite your lip,disappointed. 

You both stand up and before you could move Liam takes your hand. 

"I had an amazing time,Maddy,"Liam says while stroking your hand with his thumb. You blush and look down. Liam lifts your chin up with his finger and steps closer."May I?"he softly asks and all you can do is nod. He leans down and connects your lips with his causing all of the butterflies you've felt in your stomach to explode. As he slowly pulls away you can't help but smile.

"Can I have your number?So we could get together some time?"Liam asks while handing you his phone. You type in your number and hand back his phone. He smiles and give you a kiss on the cheek before walking away. As you start to walk to your friend you get a text


Hey beautiful:) is it weird that I miss you already? 

You blush fiercely and text back instantly.

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