One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


35. Maddie and Niall<3

"MADISON MACKENZIE GET BACK HERE!"your boyfriend screeched at you as you ran out of the flat you shared. Tears were running down your cheeks as you ran,clutching your cheek. He slapped you so hard across the face,you had to get our before it got worst. You ran across the street in the pouring ran and bumped into someone. You didn't look up all you mumbled was a sorry.

"Hey, are you okay,"an Irish accents asks.You look up and meet eyes with Niall Horan. All you can do is shake your head,still holding onto your sore cheek.

"Come inside, out of the rain,"Niall says as he ushers you into his flat. He stands in front of you and slowly removes your damp hand from your face to reveal a red and purple mark right below your eye. His eyebrows furrow. 

"Who did this to you?"Niall asks you softly while gently tracing his fingers along the mark.

"My boyfriend,well ex-boyfriend now,"you answer quietly. 

"Bastard,"Niall says almost to himself. "You look freezing,love. Go on into my room and take a nice hot shower and change into a pair of sweats."

Niall shows me to his room and where everything is. God,he's so sweet you think as you smile to yourself. You took a nice shower and changed into a pair of Niall's sweats and a t-shirt of his. You looked into my mirror and started drying your brown and blonde hair. The bruise has only gotten worst and darker. You sighed will putting your hair in a messy bun.

You slowly walked around the corner to see what Niall was doing.He was opening a box of pizza that he must have ordered when you were in the shower.

Your blue eyes meet his,"hi,"he says with a smile and signals you to come in.

You walk to him,"my name's Maddie,by the way,"you shyly smile at him. 

He smiles back,"I'm Niall and hungry,pizza?" 

You nod and take a slice and you both head over to the couch. You end up talking for hours and hours and you can't believe how much you're beginning to like this guy you just met. Suddenly Niall reaches over to move a piece of your fallen hair but you instinctively flinch away from his touch. He looks at you with sad eyes.

"I won't hurt you,I swear,"he whispers while moving his back to place your hair behind your ear. You get butterflies when he leans in closer to you,looking at your lips. You then place your hand behind his neck and pull him in for a kiss.Probably the best kiss you've ever had. 

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