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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


14. Kabya and Niall<3

It's finally Friday and after a long week of school you can't wait for the weekend. Not only is it a nice break from school but your prom is on Saturday. Your in your sixth period English class which you love English but the boy who always picks on you is in that class so it makes it less enjoyable. You get situated in your seat when you see the bully walk in, Niall Horan, with his poesy of football players. He walks past you and says ,"Hi Kabya. You're looking rather slutty today." All you do is roll your eyes and ignore him as him and his clique laugh.

Today in class you are being but into partners to work on poems but your teacher picks them. And you, sadly, get paired with Niall. You scoff and roll your eyes as you make his way to sit next to him. The assignment is to write a poem and have your partner read and edit it. Without saying anything you and Niall get to work. You finish in 5 minutes and look up and see Niall hard at work. You watch him as his scribbles words down very intently. You realize how handsome he really is, with his perfect hair and amazing blue eyes. You shake your head, you can't be thinking those thoughts! You guys despise each other. After 5 more minutes he's finally finishes and you trade poems. As you ready Niall's you can't believe how good it is. It's about how much pressure he feels from being captain of the football team. Pressure to act cool and even be falsely mean to people. Does he mean you? You begin to ask him but the bell rings and he bolts out the door.

Saturday Night:

You and all your friends arrive at the hall that prom is being held. You didn't have a date but you didn't mind because you went with all your closest girlfriends. Your dress was white and strapless with sparkles all over it and hugs your curves perfectly. Your black hair you decided to leave natural since it has a pretty wave to it. You all walk to the dance floor to begin to dance when you see Niall. He looks at you with those piercing blue eyes and his mouth drops. At that moment a slow song comes on and Niall walks over and asks you to dance. You look at him surprised but agree. He pulls you to the dance floor and you place your hands on his shoulders while he places his hands on your waist.  "Why did you ask me to dance?" you ask him bluntly. "Look, Kabya, that poem I wrote was meant just for you to read. I wanted to explain myself and my actions. I know there is no excuse for me being so nasty to you but I just wanted to say sorry. I've actually had a huge crush on you for years now," he says with sincere eyes. "Niall, I forgive you but I don't know I could trust you if we get into a relation ship," you explain to him. Niall  pulls you closer and whispers to you,"if you let me, I will show you how a princess like yourself should be treated. I promise to never do you wrong. So please, give me change?" You melt at those words and nod a him. He smiles and crashes his lips into yours. You respond by wrapping your arms around his neck. When you pull away you smile at him and rest your cheek on his chest and sway the sound of the music and his heart beat. 

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