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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


39. Jade and Niall<3

You fixed the hem of your shorts and clipped half of your long,brown hair back. Today you were going on a date with the one and only,Niall Horan. You met him backstage at his concert last night and he asked you out. You were so shocked so all you could do was nod and exchange phone numbers. You were extremely nervous. Not only way it a first date,it was a date with a member of you favorite boy band. 

He was taking you to the local fair and it was you're idea of the perfect date. You had a new pair of white shorts on, a pink crop top that showed a little of your stomach and read "Don't Worry", and some simple pink sandals. 

You practically sprinted down the stairs when you heard the door bell ring. You opened the door and met eyes with the baby blues of Niall's. He looked flawless in a pair of dark wash jeans and white v-neck. 

"Hey Jade,ready to go?" Niall asked snapping you out of your trance. You nodded your head as he lead you to the car. Yours and Niall's chemistry was undeniable. Both of your senses of humor meshed together perfectly. 

"You look beautiful,by the way,"Niall informed you while opening your door an letting you out. 

"Thanks"you responded softly,blushing,and looking down. You felt a hand grab yours. As you looked back up Niall was staring into your green eyes with reassurance. He gave you a small smile before intertwining your hands and walking towards the entrance. 

You walked around hand in hand with Niall for hours. You went on all the rides, played almost every game, and ate everything. Niall even won you a stuffed bear. It was around 9 when you two decided to call it a night. 

You walked up to your door and started playing with your keys in hopes to get a kiss goodnight.

"I had a really great time,"Niall finally said,taking a step towards you.

You looked up and you guys were only inches apart. "So did I,"you agreed with a smile. Niall smiled back at you.

"That smile has turned into my weakness,"he said softly before leaning down and kissing you. The kiss made your heart skip a beat. As he slowly pulled away he gave a small smirk.

"Good night Jade,"Niall said while turning and walking to his car.

You opened to the door and closed it. You did a happy dance before checking your phone that just went off


Oh and your lips are know also my weekness ;)

You blushed before shooting back a response still smiling. 

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