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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


49. Jade and Harry<3

You and your best friends were having a girls night out at London's hottest club. You were already starting to feel pretty drunk when you stopped a gorgeous guys looking in your direction. His green eyes trailed your body which was covered by a teal,tight,strapless dress, until they met your blue eyes. He winked at you and you gave him a cheeky smile before sipping on your drink. You and your girls decided to head to the dance floor. While swinging your hips to the music you felt someone behind you. It caught you by surprise so you quickly turned around, it was a man in his mid 30s trying to dance with you. You simply shook your head but he grabbed your wrist and tried pulling you closer. An arm quickly swooped in and grabbed his wrist making him release from yours. You look up and it's the beautiful green eyed boy from earlier. 

"Leave her alone,"his husky voice demands. The man just walked away,scared.

"Thanks,"you say to him with a smile.

"Can appreciation be shown in a dance?"the boy asks while a smile that emphasizes his dimples. You just nod and take his hand leading him deeper into the dance floor. 

As his hands slip smoothly to your hips he whispers in your hear,"my name's Harry,by the way."

You turn your head and whisper in his ear,"Jade." 

You start grinding on him to the beat of the song. As time passes you two become  as closes as you possibly can. Harry moves your long,black hair to one side and beings skimming his lips up and down your neck. It sends shivers down your spine and you reach around and place your hand on your neck. Harry's hands grip your hips and he spins you around. Your blue eyes lock with his green,lust-filled eyes. You smirk at him.

"Back to yours?"you asked him while running your finger down his chest,abs,and stopping right before his belt. He just smiles and leads you outside to a taxi and straight to his place, which is very boy-ish but clean. He quickly leads you upstairs to his room and slams the door shut.

"Anxious are we Harry,"you ask him cheekily. He smiles and makes his way towards you.

"Maybe,"he growls in your ear.

You start unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his neck. His hands grip your hips as you bite and nibble,leaving marks. When you reach the final button you trail your lips down his neck to his chest and abs. You stand back up and he crashes his lips to yours. You practically picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. Next,he gently places you on the bed,hovering over you. You take all of him in from his perfect hair,to his toned body,to his lovely curls.

"Like what you say,babe?"Harry asks with a wink. You just nod and bite your lip.

 His lips attack your neck and you let out a soft moan and run your fingers through his hair. His hands are simultaneously unzipping your dress and tossing off the bed. He trails kisses down your chest and hooks your bra and tosses it somewhere with the dress. His lips move down your stomach and your panties are soon off,along with his pants and boxers. He comes back up and looks into your eyes before moving a strand of black hair from your face. You pull him down for a kiss and he completely fills you.

"Fuck,Jade,"he growls in-between each thrust. 

You wrap your legs back around his waist and rock your hips with is. 

"Harry,"you moan quietly and your finger nails dig into his back. 

Only several seconds later you both reach the ultimate high sensation,together. Harry lays on top of you,breathing unsteadily. You run your fingers through the hair on the nape of his neck.

"That was amazing,"he whispers to you. 

-The Next Morning-

You're woken up by light in your eyes. You open them and squint and see a bare chest. You look up and see the gorgeous sleeping boy. His arm around you,snug. You smile and begin kissing his neck.

Harry lets out a soft moan,"mmm,good morning beautiful." He looks down at you with sleepy eyes. 

"Good morning,"you answer back while starting to get out of bed. You feel a tug and you feel arms around your waist bringing you back down. Harry is now laying next to you with his head the the crook of your neck and on arm hugging your waist.

"Stay,"he requests while hugging you tighter. You get out a giggle and say that you will. Harry smiles in your neck and kisses all the way up it until he's looking at you.

"Lovely,"he remarks before cupping your cheek and kissing you. 


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