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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


11. Ivonne and Louis<3

Your sound asleep in your bed when you start feel nauseous, you look over at the clock on the dresser and it's 4am. You pull away from the grasp of your boyfriend, Louis's, arms being sure not to wake him and runs to the bathroom. You kneel by the toilet and throw up. You reach for the drawers and pull out a pregnancy test. You have gotten it  earlier today because you were late but you weren't showing any symptoms..until know that is. You peak outside the bathroom door the make sure Louis is still asleep. You sit on the toilet while running fingers through your black hair and twirling the blonde tips, nervously waiting for the results. After 3 minutes pass you reach for the white stick and are shocked to see the two pink line. You're pregnant... you can't believe it. All of these what-ifs start running through your head; "what if Louis leaves me?","what if I'm a bad mom?" You start to sob in your hands with all the overwhelming feelings. 

You finally pull yourself together and crawl back into to bed. You shake Louis's shoulder while whispering,"Babe? Please wake up." You're sitting next to him with worried look on your face. He slowly starts to wake up and when his blue eyes meet your green-hazel one he can sense something is wrong. "Ivonne?What's the matter?What's wrong?" Louis asks you with urgency as he sits up facing you taking your hands in his. You look down and his hands and try to find the words. You open your mouth but all you can do is cry. 

"Baby? What is it?? You're really starting to scare me." Louis whispers to you while wiping the tears from your cheeks. You take a deep breath and say,"Louis....I'm...I'm...pregnant." You lift your head up to see his reaction. He's looking into your eyes,"really?" he asks you. You nod your head. He smiles and grabs your face and kisses you with passion."Wait, so you're not mad?" you ask him. "Mad? Baby, this is a miracle! There isn't anyone I'de rather have by the mother to my child," Louis explains to you while rubbing your stomach. You couldn't have asked for a better reaction from your loving boy. 

"Lets go back to sleep babe, well make a doctor's appointment for you in the morning," Louis says as he lays you down on your back. Next, Louis lays his head on your stomach and starts to rub in lovingly. "Hiiiii little one. I'm your daddy, Louis, and me and your mummy are so excited to meet you," Louis coos at your unborn miracle. You smile down at him and run your fingers through is hair and drift off to sleep. 

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