One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


4. Harriet and Niall<3

It's your 18th birthday and your boyfriend of 2 months, Niall, is taking you somewhere but he refuses to tell you where. "Babe!!!" You shout him from the bedroom of your flat. You hear him running up the stairs. "Yes Harriet, darling?" He asks with a grin on his face. "Since you refuse to tell me what we are doing or where we are going I have no idea what to wear," you say as your cross your arms and pout at him. He giggles and kisses you on the nose as he looks through your closet. He picks out a pair of jean shorts and a white One Direction tank top and give it to you. Before he leaves you grab his hand and pull him towards you. "Can you pleeeeease tell me where we are going?" you ask while making the best puppy dog eyes at him. "Nope!" he simply states. He leaves the room as you get changed and you make your way down stairs where you see the god-like man that is your boyfriend leaning against the counter looking at his phone. He looks up from it, smiles and you and says,"All ready babe?" You nod and response and he takes your hand and goes to his car. 

"Here! Put this on," He hands you a blind fold. You take it reluctantly from his hands and tie it over your blue eyes. 20 minutes later Niall stops the car, runs to the passenger said and escorts you out. You've been nagging him all week about the surprise and you can't believe its finally here. You two are walking on what seems to be wooden boards until you feel Niall remove the blindfold. Your eyes take a second to adjust but you are see you are on a marina and you see people in wet suits and then you see them...DOLPHINS! You practically scream with excitement and turn around to look at your amazing boyfriend and ask,"OMYGOSH BABY! What are we doing here???!" Niall laughs at how excited you are and responds,"Well...I know how much you adore dolphins so I thought I'd take you to swim with them!" You were to excited to speak. The trainer comes over and explains everything to us and gives us wet suits to change into. Niall secretly packed my bikini so you wouldn't get any idea on where we were going. We go to get changed and we head over to the water.

The trainer gives us fish and shows us all the signals the adorable dolphins know. You and Niall both go into the water and start playing with the dolphins. You feel like a 5 year old kid in a candy store, this day was amazing. Next, the you and Niall rode on the dolphins tails and it was amazing. After about 30 minutes it was time for us to leave, we wave good-bye to the dolphins. 

"Niall, this day has been the best. Thank you so much baby!" you say to my perfect boyfriend while hugging him. You pull away, look him in the eyes, and kiss him. You've been wanting to do that for months now. He slid his hands down to your waist and kisses you back. You pull away, give him a wink, and jump out of the water. 

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