One direction images

I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


31. Elena and Harry<3

You have been moving all day, your black hair that started in a high pony tail has now moved a little to the side and little pieces were hanging in front of your face. You were moving a heavy box,the very last one,down the hallway of your new apartment complex. You just moved to London to get far away from all the small town drama. You were attempting to open your with fail. Just then you saw the door next to you open and a very handsome boy exit and turn to you. He had gorgeous curls and beautiful green eyes. "Do you need help with that,love?" he asked you. You nodded your head and he opened the door for you and took the box. "Where would you like it?" he asked. "You can put it over there,"you said pointing to the coffee table. "Thank you so much,"you thanked the handsome stranger. "No problem,anything for a pretty girl. I'm Harry, by the way," Harry winked at you while extending his hand. You took it and shook it and said,"Elena." "I know we've just met but I was wondering if I could interest you in dinner with me tonight,Elena," Harry asking smiling, showing those adorable dimples. "Yeah, I'd love to. How does 7 sounds?" you asked him. Harry nodded,"see you then, neighbor."

You checked your phone, it was 6, crap. You rushed up stairs and took a quick shower. Since you unpacked as you went you had all your clothes organized. You decided to wear a black mid-thigh skirt with a cream sweater that had a deep scooped down back. You paired it with some cream color pumps. You decided to leave your hair naturally straight and put on liner,mascara, and pale pink lip stick. Just as you finished you heard a knock. You rushed down stairs,opened the door, and saw Harry standing there wearing dark jeans and a grey dress shirt. He looked you up and down before saying,"wow, you look beautiful,Elena." You thanked him and closed the door,locking it.

Dinner was perfect. You had no problem talking to each other and got along very well. When he was walking you back to your door he took your hand before saying,"I really hope I can see you again." You nodded,"yeah,I'd really like that," Harry smiled that smile you loved before moving your dark hair behind your ear. He then leaned down and gave you a small but sweet kiss. "See ya soon,beautiful," Harry said before walking to his door. You unlocked your door before turning to him. Harry turned to look at you too, you both smiled before walking into your rooms. London was already turning out to be 100 times better than any place you've ever lived. 

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