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I personally love reading images so I might as well write some. Just comment below your name,age,looks,personality,scenario, and which lovely lad you want and I'll be sure to write you one.


8. Alli and Niall<3

You just finished your first semester abroad in Australia and you are finally heading back home to Ireland. You hated flying so you parents sprung and got you first class seat to make the trip more comfortable. You were dressed very comfortably in yoga pants, a t-shirt, and Nike frees. You were the first to board the plane and you took your seat next to window, you were already nervous. The last person to board the plane was the one and only, Niall Horan. The only seat available was next to you. You get even more nervous because your favorite member of your favorite boy band is about to sit next to you on a long flight. 

"Hey, I'm Niall" Niall smiles at you as he takes his seat next to you. "Helllllo, my name's Alli" you smile back too nervous to say anything else, not wanting to look him in the eyes. You keep staring out the window as the flight attendant reviews the safety precautions and you get more and more nervous. The plane starts to move and you can feel your hands getting clammy and you start to get fidgety. Niall turns his head to you, noticing how nervous you're starting to get. "Are you allright, love?" Niall asks looking at you. You turn your head and your green eyes meet his beautiful blue ones and you find yourself speechless. All you can do is shake your head no. "Nervous about flying?" he asks. "Yeah, it's not my favorite thing to do," you respond with a nervous laugh. He smiles at you and says,"usually a distraction helps. So, where are you from?" Niall asks you. You two begin talking and end up talking for hours. You haven't even noticed you already took off and were in flight, you were completely comfortable talking and laughing with Niall. At one point Niall asks if you want to watch a movie and you agree. He takes out his laptop and puts in The Hangover. About 10 minutes into the movie you doze off the sleep. 

You slowly open your eyes and you are curled up in your seat with the sound of a beating heart. You realize you're laying on Niall's chest and it feels so natural. He notices you're awake and looks down at you and says,"Good morning sleeping beauty." You smile and blush. "Sorry for falling asleep on you," you apologize to him. "No worries love, I didn't mind," he says while staring into your eyes, almost lovingly. 

"Listen Alli, I feel like I've really gotten to know you very well and I was wondering if you would go on a date with me when were back?" Niall asks while caressing your fingertips. "Of course, I would love to!" you answer back to him. He leans towards you to push brown hair back behind your ears. You stare at his pink lips and go ahead and lean in and kiss them. He seems surprised but he kisses you back and sets his hand on the back of your neck. 

"Wow, that was..." you begin to say. "Amazing." Niall finishes your sentence. You blush and nod yes. 

That was beginning of your beautiful relationship. 

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