This poem is about a mind reader that learns to accept who she is and what comes with her even if its a blessing or a curse.


1. Thoughts

Thoughts they swarm around me

Bouncing off the walls of my self conscience

They don't belong to me  these words of wisdom and hatred

but I hear them anyway

 I don't forget them either

There's a war going on in my head

The invading thoughts are winning

My own thought and wishes

Are suspended on a slowly singeing tread of despair

Waiting to drop into the black abyss labeled "My Mind"

I am a mind reader

I've been this way for as long as I can remember

I'm losing myself

 to the persona of how people make me out to be

My true personality

Chipping away

day by day

month by month

year by year

My soul is like a time bomb

Slowly cracking over time

bound to shatter

But behind all my synthetic smiles, laughs, and quirky comments

Is my true self

waiting to break free from the steel cage its been confined in

And one day I will

Break free that is

And I'm in no rush

But when I do

 you may just learn to love me

The real me






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