London Love

Clara goes to London to visit her family but what happens her family lives right next door to Harry Styles


5. Yes Titanic!!

I wook up a few hours later in Harry's arms. He was still asleep. I moved as slows my as I could to get up and put some close on. I succeed and put his shirt on and walk out into the kitchen. I was a bit hungrey so I opened the fridge. As I was looking at the food I felt a large pair of hands around my waist. "Why did you leave me?" He says as his hands go up my shirt. "I was hungrey. I didn't want to wake you up so I came myself." "Ok but I didn't like being alone." "Do happen to have any popcorn?" "Hah yeah do want to watch a movie too?" He asks. I wasn't sure if he was being smart or not but I DID want to watch a movie. "Yes! Yes I do." "Ok, the movies are in the room over there, go pick one." He says laughing at me and pointing in the direction of the extra room of theirs. I walk in and look at the movies his mother, sister , and him have bought over the years. I can hear the popcorn start to pop as I see my favorite movies of all time. I take the movie of the self and run into Harry puting the popcorn in a bowl. "Harry I found a movie!" I say overly excited. "Ok what is it!" He laughs at my excitmint. "TITANIC!!" "Titanic, but it's so sad." "No I know but it's also really romantic and sweet and perfect!!!" "Ok but I'm warning you now I always cry." "We'll so do I!" We walk in and start the movie. I cuddle into Harry's arm as we eat our food. 

    The movie was nearing its end. It was at the part where the Rose and Jake a about to sink in the Titanic. I was already crying, I look up to see if Harry was ok and I notice a few tears falling down his face. I hurry and look back at the tv so he doesn't see me looking at him. I cry more and more as the movie finishes. The credits come on and I look at Harry one last time. "Are you happy now!" He says through his tears. "Yes!!" I say wiping tears off my face. I put my hand out to Harry. "Let's dance, I love this song." "But it's only the credits?!?" "Yeah I know, just dance with me!" He gets up and wraps his arms around me as we start to slow dance. I sing along to "my heart will go on". The songs but we are still dancing. A few minutes latter the door opens and we stop. Anne opens the door and walks in. "Hello Clara, Harry!" "Hi mom!" "Hello" I smile I'm 100% on what her last name is and I feel wrong calling her Anne so I stick with just hi. "Hunny you can call me Anne, you know that right?" "Yes of course." Not sure what to say. I was a bit embaresed because I still had on Harry's shirt, and oy Harry's shirt. "Ummmm well I should be going." "Oh no why don't you stay for dinner hunn?" "Oh no I'm good but thank you. My aunt is prolly wondering where I am." "Ok that's fine, I hope to see you soon!" Anne walks off to change and I go to put some close on. "Are you sure you can't stay babe?" "Yeah, Harry your mom just saw me in my underware and your t-shirt! I should really go home." "I don't think she cared, but that's fine love. I want for see you tomorrow." "Ok, would you want to go down town?" "Yeah that's fine." He smiles starts to kiss me. "Harry I really do have to go!" I say exsacping from his arms. "Fine!" He walks out behind me and walks me to the door. He hands me the shirt of his I had on. "Here I want you to have this." "Are you sure?" "Yes of course I want you to have it, I love you, your mine now." "Ok." I smile and kiss him one last time and I'm given a huge hug. "I love you" he whispers in my ear before letting me go. "I love you too" I say looking down at the shirt he gave and starting to walk home. I look back at him standing there looking at me smiling. I had the best day of my life.

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