London Love

Clara goes to London to visit her family but what happens her family lives right next door to Harry Styles


4. Together?

A few minutes later it started to rain. Harry and I ran in the house laughing. "Haha I can't believe it's raining!" Harry shook is hair and fixed it. "Yeah I know it was so nice out!" Harry looks at me and smiles. He walks over to me and pushes me against the wall, he leans in and kisses me passionately. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist and pulls me closer to him. He kissed down my neck and to my ear leaving soft wet marks on my skin. "I love you" he whispers as he picks me up off the ground. I laugh as he carries me to his bedroom. He has a smerk on his face as he takes his shirt off. I pull him closer and kiss him from his lips down his neck. He pulls my head up to his and kisses me. He pulls my shirt off and kisses my chest. He makes his way down my stomach. He plays with top of my yoga pants, while kissing every inch of body. "Uh Harry please just take them off!" I yell unhappy of his teasing. Harry laughs as he pulls my pants off. "Thank you" I say look in his soft blue eyes. "Haha what ever you want princess." He says as he goes back down. He plays with the lace of my underwear and then takes them off. He kisses my theigh softly. He works his way to my clit, and kisses it before working at it hard. He pulls and tugs on the sensative skin. With no warning he puts one of his long fingers in me. He pumps his finger in and out. I let out little whimpers as he pleases me. He slowly puts a second finger and and begins to pump. "HARRY!" I scream as he hits my soft spot. I've never felt so good before. He brings his head up to mine, our eye never leaving each other, and kisses me hard. His hand leaves me and comes up to my waist. I play with his belt before talking it off. He slips his pants off and enters me. I let out a slight scream because he's just so large. "Am I hurting you?" "No no no I..I .... I like it! " "ok but I don't want to.." I stop him with a kiss "I'm fine harry!" He starts to pump inside of me. The feeling is something I will have to get used to. He starts to go faster as I pull one sheets of his bed. Gasps and moans escap my mouth as he kisses me. His hands rest one on my waist and one on my chest. The pleasure becomes to much and I can feel him hitting his peek. I'm on edge as he starts to go even faster. My back arches and him and I both cum. A smile grows across his face, showing his dimples, as he leans in and kisses my neck. We are both breathing heavy as he falls off of my soar body. "Your amazing" he says pleased at his work. He can tell that I am overly happy as well. We hide under the covers and I bary my head in his neck. We lay there for a few minutes before a fall asleep in his arms.

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