London Love

Clara goes to London to visit her family but what happens her family lives right next door to Harry Styles


2. The dinner

I walked into the kitchen to we my aunt Kate cooking dinner. As soon as she say me she huged me. "I've missed you so much!! Our guests will be here soon go ahead in and see you uncle sweetie!" I walk into the other room and see Vincint and my uncle Jimmy. I was just about to say something but before I could the door bell rang. "I've got it!" Vinc gets up and answers the door.  As people plow in I start to remember most of them. Jake, nancy, Amanda, Luke, and more but then. Is that Harry Styles!! He stops and looks me right in the eyes and then walks in the other room. I grab Vincint's hand and drag him in the other room. "What the hell is Harry Styles doing here!" "Wait what you don't remember him!" "What?" "He lives next door, you two used to play all the time! Have you gone mad!" "NO! But he is Harry the one from One Direction!" "Uh yeah! Just go out there it's dinner Jesus!" I walk out and everyone comes and hugs me, I make my way over to Harry and he hugs me. I sit at the end seat next to Harry. "I bet you don't even remember me!" He laughs "Oh no yeah ofcourse I do! But uh the last time I saw you you where uh a less ummm popular." I smile and look at how much he's changed. I would have never guessed that he was the little boy I used to play with. "Oh yeah hah that's veary true!" "Congratulations by the way!" "Thanks, so how have you been?" I answer as our food was served. We talked for what felt like hours. Some people started to leave after desert but Harry and I sat there and talked. "Hey you two do you want anything else?" My aunt asked. "Oh no thank Mrs. Tyler, I should be going home any way." Harry says as he gets up from the table. I stand up and walk with him over to the door. "It was really nice seeing you again Clara, I haven't forgotten about you, I remember playing football with you!" "Haha yeah! I had so much fun!" "Yell would you like to play again?" He asks looking at me with the most amazing smerk on his gorgeous face. "Yes ofcourse I'd love to!" "Great how about tomorrow we can have lunch and everything!" He says so excitedly. "I'll be there!" "Great! I can't wait can i text you when I get up?" "Uh yeah, here ill give you my number." I say and grab my phone out the pocket of my jeans. I put my number in his phone and his in mine. "Awsome I'll see to you tomorrow!" "Ok!" I say as he gives me a hug and leaves to go home. "I guess you do remember him uh?!?" Vincint jokes. "Whatever!" I say as walk to my room. I get a shower and fall asleep waiting for my day tomorrow.

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